Cops Nab Repeat Inaugural Crasher

U.S. Capitol Police (search) on Thursday arrested the man who had sneaked into George W. Bush's first inauguration and was photographed shaking the president's hand.

Hours before Bush took the oath of office for a second time, Richard Weaver (search) was taken into custody on the Capitol's west front on an outstanding warrant, police spokesman Michael Lauer said. The warrant involved the 2001 inauguration, when Weaver was seen in an Associated Press photograph shaking Bush's hand and slipping him a coin and a note, and from President Clinton's swearing-in in 1997, when Weaver pulled a similar stunt.

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Lauer also said the police arrested five people for protesting during Bush's inaugural speech. He had no additional information.

The spokesman did not know whether Weaver had the proper credentials for Thursday's ceremonies.

Police had distributed pictures of Weaver among their officers for this inauguration. Weaver told The Associated Press in 2001 he planned to try to sneak in at the next inauguration.