'Amazing Race' Contestant Who Shoved Wife Sorry

Married entrepreneurs Jonathan Baker (search) and Victoria Fuller (search) bickered their way across the globe on CBS' "The Amazing Race" (search) but were eliminated during Tuesday's episode.

"I knew that he was going to be over the top. I know Jon very well," Fuller told The Associated Press Wednesday. "I know he can be very enthusiastic. I was a little taken aback by his intensity. It was so off the charts."

Baker went into the competition with hopes of being the show's villain, but he had no idea "it would look like that." Most of "that" were arguments and a shoving incident with his wife.

"I turned off my compassion," said Baker. "I pushed the envelope too far. I learned a lot about myself. I'm deeply sorry if I offended people out there. I look at what I saw up there, and I didn't like the person that I saw."

Viewers (and host Phil Keoghan) were shocked when Baker, 42, shoved the 32-year-old Fuller after a footrace spat in Berlin during the fifth leg of the race. After the incident, Baker declared that he was done with the competition, something that wasn't seen on the show.

"I did quit the race," Baker told the AP. "I said, `It's done.' I was mad at how it was handled. I was mad at Phil. He kept asking me these questions. I was mad at myself. I was mad at the whole situation."

Seven hours later, Baker changed his mind.

"It was a flip of a switch," he said. "Well into the morning, [the producers] said it was up to me if I showed up or not. I have to say the love of `The Amazing Race' put me back on it."

"It was definitely a learning experience," said Fuller. "You have to see yourself at your worst to be yourself at your best. I hope America gives us a chance. Jon and I been together a long time. Eight years is like a lifetime if you live in Los Angeles."