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Dear Viewers,

Tuesday, in the freezing weather of Washington, D.C., Senator Trent Lott (search) took us on a walk and talk around the Capitol (search) — showing us where the president will speak on Thursday at noon.

Click on the link in the photo box above to see my photo essay from the Capitol.

Before we got started, we had to get wired with microphones to capture the audio for the segment, which we will show you on Thursday night. I happen to notice that Senator Lott had a pedometer (search) on ... I quickly showed him mine. We had identical pedometers measuring our steps. I said, "How many steps do you have?" He looked ... I looked ... we compared our numbers and, well, we were close, but one of us clearly had had a busier walking day. Of course, the day was young and I don't know who had more at the end of the day. In all seriousness, the pedometer is an amazing game to play with yourself — not only is it healthy to walk, but Senator Lott said he has lost about 15 pounds paying attention to walking more and eating a bit less. (He has always seemed thin and fit to me, but he insists that was not the case.) I have been handling out pedometers to friends for months and every time I see them I say, "How many steps?" I was told that Secretary Rumsfeld also wears one. The goal for everyone is 10,000 steps per day. To meet my goal, when I am low in steps in a day, when I am on my cell phone I walk rather than sit, as was my habit.

Last night's show was a bit of a nightmare towards the end. We had expected to go to a reporter in Baghdad in the "F" segment, but during the "E" segment — yes, DURING — my producer said to me in my earpiece, "We can't get the Baghdad reporter ... we need to do more with the Chief on the Bel Air burglar." This was after my stage manager had held up cue cards that read "3" (minutes), "2" ... and then, after some time, it went up to "4" minutes! I knew SOMETHING was wrong when time began to go backwards, but not sure what the problem was until my producer announced to me the problem.

So, the chief and I had a long, long segment on the burglar. We combined two segments in one without any time to plan. Fortunately for me, the chief was well versed in the string of burglaries and willing to tell us many details. By the way, for those of you who have "good ears" and heard the "buzzing" during his segment, that was his pager, not mine. (Usually I am the "offender" who forgets to turn off the pager!)

E-mail No. 1

I'm so glad someone out there in the news media is helping these rich people find who is robbing them! Forget people in ghetto's being murdered, or using your show as an outlet to catch criminals who are robbing THE POOR! Cause they don't matter, huh Greta? They aren't SPECIAL like you and your rich friends... YOU'RE SICK! You should be taken off the air!
Matthew Wassam
Akron, OH

E-mail No. 2 — Finally! An e-mail that does not rip my skin off:

Greta, you look awfully small beside Trent Lott. How tall are you?
Lawrence, KS

ANSWER: I am 5 foot 3. I must look large on TV since every time I meet people, I am told I am so short.

E-mail No. 3

About the murder of the family: "no forced entry"? HELLO! Maybe they didn't lock the door. I never lock mine — ever. It's a terrible event no matter.
As to all these police depts wanting our help (I'm in northwest North Carolina), if they want a call they better start 'fessing up some toll free numbers. I have no long distance access without paying. I'm unemployed for almost 4 years. Where's my extra money to spend to help out the investigators?
Green Mountain, NC

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I always enjoy your show! While watching the story on the couple in Platt, FL (I think that was the place), I got a very strong feeling that this could possibly be murder for hire by someone who has something to gain ... possibly a family member. The police should "follow the money"!
Thanks for the always enjoyable programs.
Vicki McDonald
Scranton, PA

Finally, I figure if you read this far, you are a very loyal fan and entitled to as much of the behind the scenes as possible. So let me also share this with you: Yesterday morning in my office I spilled coffee down my blouse. As a result, during the show last night, I had to carefully pull my jacket very tight so you could not see the coffee stain. I would have gone home and changed, but I had to do a few pre-tapes for the inaugural balls all day long, so I was cooked.


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