Graffiti Wall

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"Psalm 7:4: 'Lack of forgiveness causes enemies.' Can you spell Republican?" — J.C. (FL)

"Racial, cultural or religious diversity does not make our country strong. Unity makes us strong." — Dan (Sacramento, CA)

"Condoleezza Rice went before the 'Senate Defamation Hearings' yesterday. Kennedy, Boxer and the like should be tard and feathered." — Ruty F. (Midland, TX)

"Bush: 'MLK could have had an easy life.' The easy life of being black in the 60's south? So those marches were unneccessary!" — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"Barbara Boxer reminds me of the communist, Elena Chaushesku of Romania." — Maria (Detroit, MI)

"Thank God for those that can still see, hear, understand and act on truth. Bless Bush!" — Suzy (Houston, TX)

"Thanks Dave, but I'm not a liberal. I'm not going to abandon my country because I disagree with the majority of its people." — Greg T. (Calgary, Canada)

"I think the Scott Peterson jury members were cowards because they let the public's opinion and the Rocha family's feelings affect their decision." — Ivan (Bakersfield, CA)

"If Mr. Newdow does not want to hear a prayer, tell him not to watch the inaguaration. God Bless America!" — Susan (AL)

"After reading some of the comments on the graffiti wall, I realize that Libertarian talk show host Neal Boortz is right. Everyone should not be allowed to vote." — Jack D. (Orange Park)

"If we stop prayer in our nation's schools and Bush's inauguration as Michael Newdow desires, are we not supporting Atheists' beliefs, and violating Christians' rights?" — Larry I. (Fort Worth, TX)

"Senator Boxer showed herself to be a cloaked, leftist and discourteous Democrat activist on the Senate floor." — Maria (Port Orange, FL)

"It was hard to believe that we have such an indecorous and rough-edged senator like Barbara Boxer." — Lee (San Diego, CA)

"Perhaps Senator Boxer imagines that our Senate resembles the Kremlin." — Mark (Toledo,OH)

"Watching Rice's hearing from my home in Canada, I was astounded at the manners of your senator from California." — Marsel (Toronto, Canada)

"Michael Newdow, go home and stop bothering the Supreme Court with your personal nonsense. By the way, God bless you!" — Brian (Northwood, ND)

"I wish Republicans would get eye exams because they obviously can't see what has happened to our country in the last four years." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Michael Newdow does have the right to say what he wants. Thank God for those who died to give him his right." — Eric P. (Seabrook, NH)

"Michael has just replaced Osama as the biggest piece of garbage on the face of the earth. Congratulations!" — R.A.S. (Rutherford)

"Newdow seems like a hate monger. He rejects the one who created him." — Jason M. (Harrisburg)

"To all our military men and women: Thank you. Come home soon and safe." — Jason (TX)

"Look out! Indiana has elected a governor from Bush country." — Mike C. (North Manchester)

"Tell the Boxer broad to give it a rest. She has had her day in the sun." — Don A. (Louisville, KY)

"Questioning political decisions isn't instilling hate for our government and leaders. Students can think for themselves." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"Anyone who thinks we had a cash surplus during the Clinton years is sadly mistaken." — David D. (Cape Coral, FL)

"With players like Barbara Boxer, Tom Daschle, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry, how can one possibly expect to win anything?" — Peggy M. (Mt. Pleasnt, TN)

"The hypocritical moral Right can't even understand the first commandment." — Peter (Peever, SD)

"Rice is another Cheney puppet." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"God saved the world when the elder Bush survived his plane crash." — Jesus (Gallop, NM)

"When will the state-sponsered hate end? Liberals, conservatives, Christians and Muslims, can't we all just get together for a big hug?" — J.C. (New York, NY)

"Maybe if Bush spent taxpayers' money like it was his own money, we'd still have a surplus and not a huge deficit." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"What if God's mechanism for intelligent design was evolution?" — Marissa (Toronto, Canada)

"A nation divided against itself will not stand. Learn from history." — Megan (Alameda)

"It scares me to think that young teachers are instilling in young minds a hate for our government and leaders." — Sandra H. (Fairfield, TX)

"If this wall reflects life, I must be living in a country dominated by narrow-minded theocrats." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"The tragic legacy of Roe vs. Wade is children killing children, such as the Columbine massacre. Now it's baseball bat abortion?"— Diane N. (Juneau, Alaska)

"Message to Greg T. in Calgary: Move to the U.S. and shut up." — Dave (Toronto, Canada)

"Matthew 13:13: 'Because they seeing see not and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.' Can you say liberal?" — Dale S. (Round Lake Heights, IL)

"The war in Iraq proves to be wrong every day, but our troops have the right to defend themselves. Support our troops!" — John (Modesto, CA)

"When a Leftist puts Castro's picture on a college campus, it's normal, but when Prince Harry puts on a Nazi T-shirt, liberals think it's immoral." — Malone (Boise, ID)

"Why does the media question $40 million for Bush's inaguration and not the $200 million for Clinton's library and massage parlor? Go W.!" — Robert (Harrisburg, PA)

"Prince Harry made a stupid mistake and apologized. How many times does he have to say he's sorry? He's only human." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"God bless America, even Michael Newdow." — Bo (Tampa, FL)

"Michael Newdow has been on your show before. Why keep bringing him back, giving him an audience for his distorted views?" — Larry (Charlotte, NC)

"Faith is a choice we are all free to make, unlike the color of our skin and our gender, which are assigned by our creator." — V. N. (Lexington, KY)

"America, keep your liberals in your own country; there are already too many up here!" — Tom (Calgary, Canada)

"Conservative America: Please don't end your assault on Canadian arrogance." — Greg T. (Calgary, Canada)

"I like the graffiti wall because the wall reflects the way of life." — Paul M. (Philadelphia, PA)

"Torture by any definition is wrong, but when will the real culprits, our leaders, like Rumsfeld, be charged and convicted?" — Bill (Roanoke)

"I can see the two princes at Auschwitz. Harry in a Randy Moss jersey and William in his 'I'm with Stupid' T-Shirt." — Patrick G.

"Every country gets the government it deserves, but what did the U.S. do to deserve G. W. Bush?" — Bob (Bilbao)

"Thank you God for the U.S. military, but please protect us from George Bush and Karl Rove." — Richard (Virginia Beach, VA)

"Republican or Democrat — same thing, same party!" — Carlos M. (Brownsville, TX)

" Actually, 60,608,582 people may have been dumb, but 57,288,974 were even dumber!" — Jim (Glenside, PA)

"It's good to hear that even Republican congressmen are starting to question Bush on Social Security and Iraq." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"In Europe, people are tired of Leftist liberal humbug that's why Nazis are so popular right now." — Tito (Milan, Italy)

"Michael Newdow, the Constitution that you and the ACLU use as a weapon says absolutley nothing about having a godless state." — Rusty F. (Midland, TX)

"Are the Iraqi military forces REALLY our exit strategy?" — Dez (Kansas City)

"I think it is about time Michael Jackson is exposed for what he really is: a pervert!" — Dan (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

"The difference between Clinton and Bush is that Clinton knows how to think for himself." — Rose (Easton, CA)

"To the Marines of VMGR-452 Al Asad, we miss you and are praying for you! Special greetings go out to Gunny Hicks! Godspeed!" — Lauren H. (New York)

"Liberals are in a self-developed rut. If want out, they should move with the rest of the country to conservatism." — Penda (Irvine)

"I'm just glad the Bush administration gets to take credit for the state of our country. Hooray Republicans!" — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"How much of George Bush's $350 million pledge for the tsunami victims will be paid to Haliburton for delivering food?" — Frank M. (San Francisco, CA)

"Tsunami vicitms don't seem to appreciate the U.S. Are we everyone's dog?" — Mark (Flugerville)

"Thank God for Bush!" — PFC Miller (United States Marine Corps., Shawnee, KS)

"It may be a good thing Usama remains on the loose. It puts a face on evil and reminds us that we don't live in Wonderland." — Jeff H. (Walnut, CA)

"No WMD's found in Iraq. Don't blame Bush, let's blame Saddam for not having them." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Daschle was a good start. Lose Kennedy, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton and Michael Moore, and I'll vote Dem next time." — D. (Houston, TX)

"No one has given Prince Harry any credit for not beating the crap out of the photographer." —Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

" It is strange that a kindhearted man like Michael Jackson has to go through all this." — Alexander (Sweden)

"Elton John is more forgiving to the Bush administration than average Democrats." — Bono (Chicago, IL)

"The majority of Iraqis will live the same under Bush as they did Saddam." — Peter (Peever, SD)

"Tell me what newspaper you read and I'll tell you what you are." — John (Bedford, MA)

"Ann Coulter is the most intelligent as well as the most beautiful woman in America." — Tomas (Orlando, FL)

"I see what Scott Peterson loved about Amber — bimboism." — Jim (Hemet, CA)

"If Clinton had invaded Iraq, the media would have ignored the war, just like they ignored the war in Bosnia and the bombing of Belgrade." — Skyler (MS)

"You crying, whining Democrats do not know when or how to shut up! Enough already!" — Elaine (VA)

"Why does the Democratic party seem like a bunch of sore losers? My party has never won the White House or Congress, and we're not complaining." — T. (TX)

"I'm a white male and I feel like a minority." — Sean (Acre Woods)

"It is time we recognize our real president...President Karl Rove, the genius spin doctor." — Richard (Virginia Beach, VA)

"Geez, Randy Johnson, Mohammed Atta made a better first impression on the Big Apple." — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"If Cheney dies, who will lead the nation?" — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Fifty-nine million people were not wrong. It is called majority rule. I know you liberals and socialists don't get that." — Rusty F. (Midland, TX)

"Thanks to all of our U.S. Marines! I love you, Michael! Come home soon." — Cathryn (Wetumpka)

" If the liberal media was not in Iraq the war would be over by now. Semper Fi." — Bean (Chico)

"I feel so sorry for Amber Frey. Funny, she always falls in love with bad men!" — Mohammed

"The next Bush war — Social Security! How could 59 million people be so dumb as to vote for Bush." — Richard (Virginia Beach, VA)

"The solution to Social Security is to get all our money out of the hands of Congress, and appoint a private bank to handle it." — Milton C.M. (Luckey, OH)

"Is Alan married? Inquiring females viewers want to know!" — Lisa (Springtown)

"I think that the recent Black Thursday movement was just an outlet for the liberals to pout over the election." — Jeremiah (Cincinnati, OH)

"Please don't give Ann Coulter any more publicity. She is a woman lacking any inner substance, and no real knowledge of the world around us." — Jeri (Fairfax VA)

"There's a big difference between American leadership and American occupation. Bush chose the latter." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"How could 59,054,087 people be so dumb?" — Mike (Chelmsford, MA)

"Mary Mapes is another example of a newsperson passing the buck. I'm only surprised she didn't use the standard pyscho babble of blaming her mom." — Mary S. (Canton, OH)

"CBS producer Mary Mapes is the real face of CBS and the liberal media establishment." — Lony (Orlando, FL)

"Senator Boxer promised us that she was going to fix the immigration problem. Up to now she hasn't delivered." — Mimoza (San Diego, CA)

"In France, the news spends most of its time reporting anti-American propaganda. Did they forget France's crimes in Algeria?" — Patric (Dijon, France)

"Republicans never cheat. History shows that liberals are masters of manipulation." — Fred (Miami, FL)

"I was really surprised to hear that in Washington state, illegal Mexicans get college loans." — Markus (Seattle, WA)

"It's not about the exit strategy in Iraq. Democracy will prevail under American leadership." — Frank (Detroit, MI)

"Senator Kerry made a mistake by meeting President Bashar Assad of Syria." — Ray (Portland, OR)

"It's not humane to have sex with your students. What's wrong with you teachers?" — Paul (Boston, MA)

"Just why does Amber Frey believe that 'Meet Joe Black' is an example of an intelligent movie?" — Pam M. (Albuquerque, NM)

"You're right. All the unrest in Iraq are just fabrications of the liberal press to make Bush look bad." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"Is Amber Frey going to use the proceeds from her book to benefit others, or is she just going to use it to benefit herself?" — C.R. (Johnson City, TN)

"I would like to know if Amber feels quilty for making money off of two innocent lives?" — Clinton (Elizabethton)

"CBS will implode. See FOX for the truth!" — Robert W. (Pensacola, FL)

"You know what would be great? If all the liberals actually kept their word and moved to Canada!" — Katie O. (OH)

"Bill Clinton as U.N. secretary-general and Hillary as president in 2008? Can I leave this planet?" — Ray W. (Enid, OK)

"Just wondering why you didn't brag about Kerry's trip to Iraq. Was he not welcome?" — Judith H. (Ft. Wayne, IA)

"Amber associated the woman in her nightmare with Lacy. Does that reflect her anger and jealousy towards her?" — Kim D. (Los Angeles, CA)

"Somebody please give Ramsey Clark a drug test!" — Robert B. (Tustin, CA)

"What cost Americans billions in taxpayer dollars is over-spending by the government." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"Why would you waste your time interviewing Amber Frey?" — Jack C. (Harrisburg, PA)

"Why is it so shocking when women are arrested for child molestation? Unfortunately child predators know no gender." — Wendy B. (Lafayette, LA)

"Andrea Yates is a con who should stay in prison." — Lou (Perryton, TX)

"Republicans, name the elected Democrat on record who opposed Alberto Gonzales on ethnic grounds, or shut up." — Patrick G.

"Hillary is corrupt and will never be elected president. The proof is the FBI's recent revelation of her election campaign's fraud." — Robert C. (Wantagh, NY)

"Thank God for Michael Moore and Barbara Boxer who both try to defend the Constitution. Support our troops. Vote Democrat!" — Richard (Virginia Beach, VA)

"People are blinded by anti-Muslim propaganda. Muslims have donated more money to tsunami relief than most countries have. Check the BBC!" — Kate M. (Elk Grove, IL)

"I am fed-up with the liberal media's coverage of the war in Iraq. Liberals seem to don't want Iraq to move forward." — Ismael (Paris, France)

"For all the aid and American lives lost, Iraq could at least help out this country with the oil problem." — Jimmy A. (Mid-America)

"Religious influence on government rule is no good." — Thomas (Uppsala, Sweden)

"When will the president realize that he is not achieving anything worthwhile in Iraq? The Iraqis will rebel indefinitely." — Ken D. (New Hyde Park, NY)

"Don't blame the immigrants. If I could move to Canada, work a few months and return home with several years' wages, I would!" — Jason C.S. (The Dalles, OR)

"We Democrats will stop challenging elections when the Republicans stop cheating." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"Thanks U.S.A. for recognizing the Republic of Macedonia under her constitutional name!" — Eli (Chicago, IL)

"Amber Frey, Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton all have something in common — they're dumb. We're even more dumb for watching them." — Pam (Orlando, FL)

"We can't give the Iraqis a timetable because Bush's plan has never had an exit strategy." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Barbara Boxer and the like are the reason for the death of the Democratic Party. The Ohio challenge is a joke." — Rusty F. (Midland, TX)

"Illegal Mexicans cost Americans 10 billion in taxpayer dollars. Money that would be better spent on things we care about." — Bob (San Diego, CA)

"Individuals receiving welfare should not be allowed to vote. Voting is not a given right, it is an earned right!" — Brenda (CO)

"Let me give my donation for tsunami relief myself, not through the thieving government." — John K. (Roanoke, VA)

"Instead of wasting time with Ohio results, Senator Boxer should be more concerned about job creation and immigration reform." — Tom (San Diego, CA)

"It's great to see on TV, the American military helping my country, Indonesia." — Sukiria (Alberta, CA)

"While the entire world is helping tsunami victims, the Arab world is simply watching." — Mark (Detroit, MI)

"I was looking for a job in a temporary agency, but no one understood my English because they were all Mexicans." — Devin (Phoenix, AR)

"The Bush administration has to do more on creating jobs in America. It's hard to find a job nowadays." — Nick (Detroit, MI)

"Many countries in Europe have resolved their immigration problems by adapting simple, humanitarian and lenient policies." — Gaetano (Portales, NM)

"Barbara Boxer needs to get a life! When will these Democrats stop crying?" — Sandra (Winchester, VA)

"Michael Moore wants to show himself as a magnificent person, however there has been no news of him donating a dime to tsunami victims." — Paul (Dallas, TX)

"If everything was done right during the election in Ohio, Bush people should have no worries." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Because of those 16,500 murders in the U.S., we need our armed forces here to protect us." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"We can fix Iraq and Social Security in one step — draft senior citizens." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Democratic senators don't understand that America has many other imperative problems than the vote in Ohio." — William (Indianapolis, IN)

"I can't stand to see nobodies on talk shows with their attorneys talking for them. Amber Fry looks dumb." — Carol (Phoenix, AZ)

"I wish Amber Frey would go away now. She had her 15 minutes of fame. She testified just like 178 other people did." — Michelle (MI)

"My boyfriend is over in Iraq fighting to keep me and the rest of you safe. Support our troops! If you don't, who will?" — Danielle (Southwest, VA)

"Texas fans celebrated their win over Michigan by overturning cars, buses and the Andrea Yates conviction." — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"Did the U.S.A. cause the tsunami in Southeast Asia? No, but we're in there helping. So it is with God." — Jerry P. (Sturgeon Bay, WI)

"Earthquakes in diverse places, wars and rumors of war, and diseases running rampant. I'd start looking up if I were you, our time on earth is almost up." — K.J. (Bastrop, LA)

"Illegal Mexicans do the kind of jobs Americans refuse to do." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"There were 16, 500 murders in the U.S. in 2003 alone — many times more than the number of combat deaths in the entire GWOT." — Denise (Columbus, GA)

"The new welcome sign to Americans: 'If you are atheist, anti-American, sexist or racist, move to Canada, you'll be accepted there.'" — Eric C. W. (Ramona, CA)

"Are we sure it wasn't a nuclear device that triggered the tsunami?" — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Sandra Bullock has gotten at least a million bucks of publicity from her donation. Now, that's smart!" — Peter (Peever, SD)

"Until immigrants become legalized in the U.S., please don't allow them the American dream." — Lisa Ann (Sacramento, CA)

"I am disappointed that my Muslim brothers didn't help the people of Indonesia." — Kanawati (Toronto, Canada)

"I am really dejected to see how slowly our immigration service acts against children of American citizens." — Genc (Miami, FL)

"By taking $120 a week in unemployment, I believe my family has the same status of tsunami victims." — Bob (Detroit, MI)

"It's astounding that the most powerful country in the world can't fix the immigration mess." —Margot (Palo Alto, CA)

"God bless Albanian people for helping tsunami victims." — Enon (New Haven, CT)

"I think you should do a segment on the hardships of a military wife. My wife lived both of our lives when I went to Iraq." — Sgt. George W. (Fort Polk)

"It's great to help the tsunami victims, but it would be nice if our military can take care of our men who were injured in Iraq." — L. R. (Sarasota, FL)

"Instead of paying suicide bombers, Muslim oil billionaires should help tsunami victims." — Alfonso (Orlando, FL)

"I am really astonished that Muslim countries aren't helping their brothers suffering from the tsunami." — Mustafa (Detroit, MI)

"Canada never slows down criticizing Israel, however Israel is helping tsunami victims and Muslim countries aren't!" — Johnatan (Miami, FL)

"I am an American citizen and can't find a job, however illegal Mexicans are working full time in my own country." — Thomas (Pasadena, CA)

"Movie stars such as Sandra Bullock, who gave $1M, are making headlines with their donations to tsunami victims. I hope many more follow suit." — Chris W. (San Francisco,CA)

"Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. Don't let Bush take away everything America once stood for." — Tyler (Bradford, DE)

"Jeb Bush was sent in for tsunami relief because he has 'hurricane experience.' Can you say 2008?" — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"I'm sick of my liberal teachers influencing my fellow 11th grade students!" — Timothy (New York, NY)

"It is a nice gesture to lower the flag for the tsunami victims, but I think we should also lower it whenever a soldier dies in duty." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"I haven't read about any Muslims groups giving money to help tsunami victims. Don't they have billions in oil money?" — Maria (Severn, MD)

"'Big George,' 'Little George' and Bill heading up U.S. tsunami relief? Where's Jimmy and Gerald?" — Lee (Ofallon, MO)

"Helping out the victims of the tsunami disaster would go a lot farther in curbing terrorism, than the money spent in Iraq." — L. M. (Minneapolis, MN)

"How much have Usama and his ilk contributed to the humanitarian crisis in Asia? None. Dogs can't contribute money." — Cagnom (Amarillo)

"What did John O'Neill risk by leading the 'Swiftys?' What is his motive for lying?" — Ted (Sacramento, CA)

"Good for Spain! After tucking their tail and letting terrorists write their foreign policy, now Adam and Steve will be able to marry." — Rusty F. (Midland, TX)

"People should have put down their video cameras and helped victims of the tsunami disaster, instead of filming it?" — Nick G. (Winston-Salem, NC)

"God made homosexuals. If He hates them, He hates Himself." — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"Spend, spend, spend. Does our country really have the money to pledge $350 million to tsunami relief? Last I heard we had a huge deficit." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Those who believe the Right is voiceless in the Canadian media need to take their heads out of the hole they're buried in." — James (Ottawa, Canada)

"The entire world will see that democracy in Iraq will be a marvelous reality." — Alo (Portland, OR)

"Clinton was critical of Bush in relation to tsunami aid, but wasn't it Clinton who let people die in Rwanda?" — Maria (Salem, OR)

"Instead of worrying about rebuilding other countries, we should worry about rebuilding our own country first." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"As a Democrat, I feel ashamed that the attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson has agreed to defend Saddam." — Michael (Boston, MA)

"Libs have to realize: You lost the election, and you can't win by hating America or the president." — R.M. (Harrisburg, PA)

"Last week the world condemned us for being arrogant, now they demand our generosity, help and support. God Bless America." — David D. (Cape Coral, FL)

"The U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal has been exposed! Now they can run something called the 'Tsunami Unification Relief Department.'" — B.E. (FL)

"The 'gale of democracy in Iraq and the Middle East' is all the hot air from Bush and his cronies." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"I know it's a minor formality under this White House, but shouldn't Saddam know the charges against him before he's convicted?" — Charles (Poway,CA)

"America is doing her best to help the tsunami victims across Asia. God bless our people." — Cora (San Francisco,CA)

"It's unreasonable to blame America for the tsunami's repercussions." — Aidha (Palo Alto, CA)

"Alan is the voice of reason in today's journalism." — Margaret (Newport, RI)

"Before putting in place Social Security reform, our government first has to restructure immigration." — Tom (Atlanta, GA)

"The tsunami has been the worst disaster so far this year, followed by the hurricanes, and then our presidential election." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"The U.S. aid to South Asia is pitiful. Israel has sent supplies and several medical and rescue teams to Sri Lanka and Thailand." — Ken B. (Baltimore, MD)

"My prayers go out to the victims of the tsunami and their families." — Amy (Riverside)

"We can't win a religious war." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson should be cellmates. M.J. could help S.P. with better disguises, and S.P. could help M.J. learn to cover his tracks more." — Big Mike (MS)

"Alan you have to talk more about immigration reform in your program." — Leonardo (Orlando, FL)

"Even though they don't have any legal documents, Mexican workers pass in and out the border with no problem." — John (Tuscon, AR)

"All the people that lost their loved ones in Asia are in the prayers of the American people." — Engracia (Portland, OR)

"I am an American citizen, and my son from Poland is waiting in line for four years to become a legal resident. Conversely, illegal Mexicans have precedence over him." — Ana (Boston, MA)

"Bin Laden and his filthy tapes can't stop the gale of democracy in Iraq and the Middle East." — Marvin (Lansing, MI)

"Let all good Democrats and Americans pray that the next four years are not more of the last four, or God help us." — Bill (NY)

"Whatever our politics or religion, I hope we who share this world will rally to pray for those devasted by the tsunami." — Bill (Roanoke)

"George W. Bush is Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon all rolled into one. L.B.J. was the incompentant bureaucrat and Nixon, the arrogant paranoid." — Lance K. (Barstow)

"Right-wing conservatives hate intelligent people and hide behind religion to justify it." — Curt (Atlanta, GA)

"During the Vietnam War, America lost over 50,000 of its youth under the direction of President Johnson." — Dave (Phoenix, AR)

"If you respect the immigration law you have to wait in line, but if you come illegally from Mexico you have the priority." — Erkens (Pittsfield, MA)

"Merry Christmas to all Christians and Happy Festivus to the rest of us!" — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"After losing the elections, Democrats constantly demand a recount that evasively reduces the winners' votes." — Bill (Seatle,WA)

"Democrats say that every vote should count, however they are masters at demanding that Republican votes be dumped in recounts." — Domenic (Newport, VT)

"Keep people like David Lytel on your show. That man could single-handedly assure another Republican victory in '08." — Ed Parker (Spokane, WA)

"Alan, after watching your show tonight I deduced that you are a fair and balanced GOP member." — Sole (West Jordan)

"As a Democrat, I was disturbed about losing the elections, but my Communist pal Michael Moore will get the Oscar." — Natasha (Detroit, MI)

"As a retired government employee, I realize corruption is often a norm, so the Bush cabinet's abuses of power come as no surprise. " — Bill (Roanoke, VA)

"How many people get murdered in our country per year? Does it even come close to the war in Iraq?" — Kevin C. (Fitchburg)

"The cost of freedom is paid in blood, not dollars. Shame on anyone who feels only the poor should bear the cost." — Sean (Victoria, B.C.)

"None of this war would be happening right now if Clinton would have taken care of America instead of taking care of Monica!" — C.J. (WI)

"George W. Bush has never heard the great quote, "No man stands taller than he who can stand corrected. We are in deep trouble." — K. R. (Grover, NC)

"Republicans believe in a USA where a shot of Janet's teat is a travesty. In my world it's the TIVO moment of all time." — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"How can people say that Bush is right, when 22 of our men and women died on December 21st?" — Lucy (WI)

"If Republicans are trying to protect the sancity of marriage, then why don't they stop divorced people from getting remarried?" — Matt J. (Vidalia, GA)

"If President Bush thinks the Iraq war is so legitimate, why isn't he encouraging his two daughters to join the Army?" — Belinda (Nashville, TN)

"Alan, please invite more liberal guests to your show, and less Pat Robinsons and Bill Bennetts!" — Andy (Sacramento, CA)

"If there were no poor or middle class, the conservatives would have no one to oppress." — Les (Garretsville,OH)

"Canadians think they like being 'Lefties' because they are never exposed to any dissenting views by the Canadian media puppets." — Alan (Toronto, Canada)

"As a Bush-Cheney backer, I support the draft and believe you shouldn't have to be drafted if you have money. We can't lose the elite." — Jon (Atlanta, GA)

"Talk radio stations, WNBC, WMCA and ABC are all off the air. Alan, you're a radio Jonah." —Raoul (New York, NY)

"I like being a Left wing Canadian, and I've never seen puppets read the news on TV." — Robert (Toronto, Canada)

"Terrorists killed 24 angels today, but they never will be able to kill our will. Democracy will prevail in Iraq." — Malvin (Toledo, IA)

"Jimmy Carter and the CIA ousted the democratic government in Iran by bringing into power Ayatollah Khomeini." — Selman (Newport, VT)

"Left wing liberals hate God, Bush and the real democratic process." — Malone (Atlanta, GA)

"We French people love and will always love Americans. Happy New Year!" — Estelle (Bordeaux, France)

"End the war!" — Peter (Peever, SD)

"Alan, do you think FOX is ready to discuss whether or not the term, 'African-American' should become obsolete?" — Thomas (Greenville)

"It's shameful for some Canadians to applaud a few unpatriotic American deserters from our military." — Martha (Chicago, IL)

"Thanks President Bush for exemplifying the truism that those the most evil conceal their sources the best!" — Bill (Roanoke)

"This Canadian welcomes FOX News to Canada. The Canadian 'thought police' have lost and FOX News is finally available legally." — Alan (Toronto, Canada)

"Clinton balanced the budget by stealing from our military. Now we blame this administration for righting his wrong." — Dale (Round Lake Heights)

"Alan, I am a conservative Republican, but I like you because you show class, and respect the viewpoints of all." — Joseph S. (Headland, AL)

"President Bush deserves to be the man of the year." — Oliver (Pittsfield, MA)

"FOX News isn't critical of Canada. I think they are critical of the Left wing Canadians, who prefer puppet news on TV." — Dario (Toledo,OH)

"As a Democrat I don't see any new options to win the election in '08, I only see more sightless hate against Bush." — James (Boston, MA)

"Is America looking for optimistic results in Iraq for the Iraqi people, or for Americans?" — Jeff (Salem, OR)

"After being ineffective at whacking Bush, Democrats have started shattering Rumsfeld. What chip shots!" — Grace (Phoenix, AR)

"Hey Chevy Chase, it isn't manly to abuse our freedom of speech by swearing with smutty lexicons towards Bush." — Johnatan (Orlando, FL)

"Give the gift of liberty. Don't bomb or invade other countries. It's the season of giving." — Paisley (Huron,OH)

"Bush is Time's person of the year. So was the Ayatollah." — Maria C. (Severn, MD)

"No pro-abortion supporters at the RNC? Are you kidding? Remember Molinari and Guiliani?" —Leslie H. (Watkins, CO)

"Christmas has become a justification to spend more than you can afford, the American Dream." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"The U.S. should immediately withdraw from the U.N., and send them their eviction notice." — John M. (Westland, MI)

"I support Bush and our troops. May God be with them through the holidays." — Crystal (Tucson)

"The most under-reported story this year was the vote tampering in Ohio." — Billy (Roanoke)

"Luke 23:31: 'For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?' Repent America!" — Jason (TN)

"Republican kiddos think they will never be drafted, that's only for poor kids." — Maria C. (Severn, MD)

"I can't blame Amber Frey, but to make money off of Laci's and Connor's murders seems odd to me." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"With all the controversy surrounding the holiday season, don't forget what a positive influence it has on the economy." — Rob C. A. (Kansas City, MS)

"Lisa Montgomery, the confessed murderer who ripped a baby from her mother's womb is evil incarnate. I will gladly pull the switch." — Joe (Fairbanks, AK)

"Lisa Montgomery, 36, from Melvern, Kansas, is going to be judged for killing that innocent mother and taking her premature baby." — Catherine (OH)

"Alan rules!" — Dell (College Station, TX)

"Now Democrats know how we true American Republicans felt when Clinton was re-elected in '96 amidst scandals of corruption." — Don J. (Scottsdale)

"America: Of the Corporations, by the Corporations, for the Corporations." — John E. (Madison WI)

"Dems, keep praising Chevy and Michael Moore. We'll get four more years come '08." — Stephen L. (Johnson City, TN)

"Friday night's show was great. Why not do more open forums around the country?" — Ken S. (Carol Stream, IL)

"It will be extremely interesting to see if FOX News is as critical of Canada now that it's broadcasting there." — Jim C. (Allentown, PA)

"So Queen Victoria fooled around, and Abe Lincoln was gay. She's not 'Victorian' and he's 'Victor-Victorian.'" — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

If I work at minimum wage, how much will I have in 20 years if part of my money is taken out for Wall Street?" — Angie (Modesto, CA)

"Congratulations! Finally Canada understands that Al Jazeera is the voice of malevolence." — Thomas (Port Orange, FL)

"Social Security reform is extremely vital for our country." — Margot (San Antonio, TX)

"What's the difference between Clinton and Bernie Kerik? They both are well-known for adultery." — George (Alberta, CA)

"It has a chilling effect on every Democrat when our party isn't able to choose a charismatic leader." — Harry (Boston, MA)

"It's funny. We all come from one common female ancestor, yet so much hate exists between various factions of the human race." — Bill M. (Elk River)

"Our country has a federal budget deficit of $413 billion, and now Bush says he will curtail spending." — Amy (Klinka)

"Bush will probably have to borrow one to two trillion dollars for his Social Security program, is that spending less?" — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"As a member of the 'guy' community, I don't understand why Elton John is so offensive to George Michael." — Romero (Miami, FL)

"The Bush-Cheney kiddos better be up front and center when the inevitable DRAFT comes along!" — Bill (Roanoke)

"We all know Republicans always screw the economy." — Maria C. (Severn, MD)

"The Guard's Iraqi troop figures were short by 56,000 because they forgot the guys on landfill search and reclamation duty." — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"Scott Peterson is INNOCENT, the book of Revelations proves it in its bible codes. You all will see!" — Caroline (Dartmouth, MA)

"It took awhile but, as of today, FOX News is finally available in Canada. I think this is great and look forward to watching." — Laurence (Toronto, Canada)

"Alan Rocks!" — Allen

"Al Jazeera is not currently broadcasting in Canada. FOX just recently received approval. Get your facts straight." — Rob (Toronto, Canada)

"Instead of being concerned about where our surplus vanished, British journalists should focus on their own economic crisis." — Margot (Detroit, MI)

"America doesn't care what the Left wing liberals in Europe believe." — Paul (Houston, TX)

"Surprisingly enough my professor becomes agitated when I mention God in my class." — Brad (Pittsfield, MA)

"Alan, you're fair and intelligent and a major asset to FOX." — Mary (Boston, MA)

"Alan, thank you for saying, 'Merry Christmas' last night." — David E. H. (Lafayette,CA)

"The runners up for the Presidential Medal of Freedom were Bernie Kerik's nanny and two of his wives." — Patrick G. (Pasadena, CA)

"Michael Jackson is innocent!" — Jason B. (Manchester, UK)

"Alan Colmes makes you think and question for yourself, while conservatives think and say for you." — Luis S. (Denton, TX)

"Can someone make it clear as to how skin color determines intelligence and ability? End affirmative action now!" — T.J. (Houston, TX)

"Scott Peterson is a social monster. God bless Laci's and Conner's souls." — Sean (San Diego, CA)

"In Italy we love America and Mr. Bush." — Sandro (Bologna, Italy)

"Sean and Alan, you are both the kings of talk." — Marison (Phoenix, AZ)

"In Canada, the government allows Al Jazzera to broadcast, but doesn't permit FOX News. That's an indignity." — Moris (Toronto, Canada)

"Democrats are supposed to protect illegal immigrants, but republicans are better by hiring them." — Ray (Pasadena, CA)

"Have environmental issues become extinct?" — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Alan, I do not care one ounce how Europe feels about the U.S.! Why not run a poll and ask how we feel about them?" — Gail M. (Sherwood, AR)

"Jesus Christ was sentenced to death because of the death penalty, how many more innocent lives must be lost." — Josie (Madera,CA)

"Finally a good jury." — Dan B. (Bakersfield, CA)

"As an Iraqi living in the U.S., I was heartbroken when it was reported that Clinton was involved in the Oil-for-Food scandal." — Mustafa (Brooklyn, NY)

"I take serious offense to people who support 'chrismahanakwanzika.'" — Eric (Fargo)

"The media sentenced Peterson to death. Who cares if they couldn't prove where, when, how or why?" — M.P. (Tempe)

"Why is it Christians can be intolerant of everyone else's beliefs, but cannot take it when it happens to them?" — A. L. (Essex, VT)

"Liberals believe in workers' rights, healthcare, and helping the poor. Hey that's what God wants!" — Joe (Fresno,CA)

"I was saddened to hear that Clinton and March Rich were implicated in the Oil-for-Food scandal." — Veronic (Alberta, CA)

"Abortion has been around for centuries. It will always be, legal or illegal." — Maria (Severn, MD)

"Alan is a smart liberal, I like him but I agree mostly with Hannity. It is good to see a show where there are 'civil' debates." — Karen (Chesapeake, VA)

"I wish that Americans would stop saying that Canada is against Bush. It's just the media and a few jerks." — Michelle (Calgary, Canada)

"Hey you conservatives, give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's and give unto God what is God's." —Ben (Reedly, CA)

"So Christians can't openly celebrate Christmas, but we get gay pride shoved down our throats?" — M.J. (Northern Virginia)

"Would the film 'Passion of the Christ' have been a hit with the Religious Right if Mel Gibson used a man of color to portray Jesus?" — V.H. (Lawrenceville)

"If America is a Christian nation, why does its collective soul ignore, 'Thou shalt not kill,' by enforcing policies like the death penalty and foreign policy?" — G.S. (Pattaya, Thailand)

"Mr. Colmes, please keep up your level-headedness. As independents from Wisconsin, we are glad to see that you have not stooped to the ever-increasing stridency of both the Right and the Left, and other news commentators." — Mary & Jim

"In my country, the communists didn't allow me to pray to God for 45 years. What a sin!" — Vladimir (Boston, MA)

"Unfortunately Democrats don't know the difference between God and Stalin." — Nathaniel (Jacksonville, FL)

"According to the Vatican Bulletin, the Pope is surprised that many liberals in America despise God." — Orieta (Toronto, Canada)

"If I wanted to live in a theocracy, I'd move to Iran." — L.D. (San Francisco, CA)

"Because Hollywood hates God they are spurning Mel Gibson as a successful artist." — Bill (Clarksville, TN)

"Why does Michael Moore deserves an Oscar and Mel Gibson doesn't?" — William (Port Orange, FL)

"We determine a person's death by brainwaves, shouldn't brainwaves also determine when life begins. End abortion now." — B.J. Murray (San Luis Obispo)

"Just imagine, we could have had the lovely Theresa Heinz-Kerry so 'eloquently' representing our nation as first lady." — D.V. (Miami, FL)

"At least us Canadians don't pretend to be American when we travel. You're disliked worldwide and you rely on our Maple Leaf." — Ryan (Ottawa, Canada)

"May God always bless the United States of America." — Jason (Aurora, IL)

"To all you heretics that don't want God to be mentioned, go to China." — Silvio (Orlando, FL)

"To omit 'under God' from the pledge is to deny God's existence." — Kathy C. (Duluth)

"Do Democrats do anything right in the eyes of the Conservative Reich, oops, Right?" — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

" I have the sense that Michael Moore never changes his hat like Osama never changes the diaper on his head." — Brad (Toledo, IA)

"I heard Donald Trump say, 'Canada, you're fired!'" — George (Clevlend, OH)

"In the words of Spock, 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.'" — David D. (Cape Coral, FL)

"Amercia, what part of 'Thou shall not' do we not understand?'" — Danny (Fresno, CA)

"Canada is like a breast-feeding baby that gives its mother the middle finger." — Juan (Fremont)

"Liberals were bashing Bush before the election, nowadays they are smashing FOX News. What a masquerade!" — Robert (Bismarck, ND)

"If Liberals desire to win the election, they have to learn how to sing country music." — Greg (Tulsa, OK)

"Democrats are really puzzled, they don't know who to support, the U.N. or Hollywood." — Barbara (San Mateo, CA)

"Paul Bremer looked like he was on steroids, the way he sprinted towards his transport plane to get out of Iraq." — Charles (Poway,CA)

"What has the U.N. done for the U.S., besides cost the taxpayers billions?" — Brandon (Lanett, AL)

"Merry Christmas to all, and may the ACLU as an organization be damned. Oh, wait, it already is." — Howard (Hagerstown)

"The 'Right' side of this 'Graffiti Wall' is oozing nonsense." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Conservativism and the 'moral right' breed hatred and intolerance of individual differences." — Andrew (Toronto, Canada)

"Always I ask myself, why is my professor so sympathetic to the Left by twisting the historical truth." — Maria (Sanford, NC)

"Looks like Bush's Cabinet members didn't want to put up with four more years of him either. Hypocrites." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Sean and Alan are more professional and compassionate than Paula Zahn or Dan Rather." — Michael (Tuscon, AR)

"Federal law requires taxpayers to pay ACLU attorneys who sue and attack Boy Scouts and Christians. The law must be changed." — JC (Denver, CO)

"Save money, and drop the U.N." — Pedro (Rudyard)

"What exactly has Jesse Jackson done for the betterment of the country? Everywhere he goes, he stirs up trouble." — Me (Biloxi, MS)

"Wow, I didn't realize how messed-up our tax code is, we really need the Fair Tax!" — Jacob Fink (Milwaukee, WI)

"Who do you think would win in a fight, FOX's E.D. Hill or Headline News' Erica Hill? I bet E.D. would kick her butt." — John (St. Louis)

"Americans didn't care that Albanians in Kosovo chose a war criminal as the leader of their government." — Alban (Chicago, IL)

"FOX News is the voice of right-wingers, CBS is the voice of America." — Maria Cavallieri (Severn, MD)

"Mr. Rather and Tom Brokaw know what America used to stand for. They reported lived history." — Monica (Selma, CA)

"Dean defending Annan is not surprising. Leftists have cohesion among themselves." — Marisel (Pasadena, CA)

"Most people I know who liked Clinton don't have much use for people who mislead to push their agenda!" — Bob (Ontario, Canada)

"Do you have any idea how much we helped Americans after 9/11, and now Bush is FINALLY thanking Canadians?" — Laura (San Jose, CA)

"Bashing Bush is common for liberals, and defending a corrupted U.N. is also typical for them." — Grace (Portland,OR)

"In Canada they didn't like Regan, Clinton and now Bush. Is something wrong with you people?" — Michael (Chicago, IL)

"College professors are excellent U.N. advocates, now deplorably they don't like to talk about the U.N.'s bribery scandal." — Tony (Miami, FL)

"FOX News is the voice of truth, CBS is the voice of Hollywood." — Maria (Houston,TX)

"What kind of country do we live in when we would rather see gay pride T-shirts at school than the Bible." — Adam W. (Monmouth)

"Having sex with your student is sick, horrible and beyond normal imagination." — Doris (Tampa, FL)

"America has to stand up, and disapprove of the U.N. bribery." — Ion (Pittsfield, MA)

"Our college campuses ought to be places of civilization, not spaces of Bush revulsion." — Alfred (New Haven, CT)

"Since the Bush victory, we haven't heard from the prominent impostor Michael Moore." — Colton (Port Orange, FL)

"Drop Bush, not bombs." — Matt (Indianapolis, IN)

"There is no confusion Mr. Gibson, Canadians don't hate the U.S. or Americans, just the Bush administration and its policies." — Jack Moore (Ontario, Canada)

"I think God had a better plan for us, he choose Bush for our president." — Betsy (Irving)

"Friends don't let friends vote Democrat." — C.V. (CA)

"The Red Cross complains about the unfair handling of terrorists in Cuba, but they were hush when Osama killed innocent Americans." — Tod (New Orleans, LA)

"Bienvenue a la ville d'Ottawa, le President Bush!" — Cecile (Ottawa, Canada)

"While doing a tour inside Clinton's library, I felt I was visiting the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas." — Mark (Little Rock, AR)

"The Liberals, the anti-U.S. sentiment in this country, and the rest of the world, are impeding our progress with the war on terrorism." — Andy (Clinton, CT)

"As a Canadian I was uncomfortable by the actions of the sick left-wing pacifists against President Bush." — Marsel (Toronto, Canada)

"Liberals attack Fox News, but they never criticize mendacity in left wing media such as The New York Times." — Olsa (Montgomery, AL)

"President Bush's coming over to Ottawa looks more like a military manoeuvre than a friendly visit." — Alex (Richmond, BC)

"We Democrats are hoping that our party isn't going further to the left like Governor Dean expects." — Ben (Seattle, WA)

"Hello America, 44 of Bush's cabinet members have abandoned ship, the alarm has sounded." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Being a high school student, I know how far political correctness goes, lets not shun Christmas because it's the majority." — Kaitlin (Issaquah, WA)

"My newspaper isn't saying anything about the U.N. scandal, thanks for cable news!" — Donna (Pittsburgh, PA)

"Les Hartley's right in his book, "The Left Face." Liberalism is committing suicide." — Frank (Alberta)

"Why don't the Democrats go after Dan Rather to head up their party now that he has so much time on his hands." — Bobby (Augusta, GA)

"I'm tired of our country being so politically correct, especially about Christ. 'Tis the season." — John R. (Harriman, TN)

"Liberals are motivated by sick left wing philosophy. God bless our president." — Nick (Detroit, MI)

"Instead of thumping Bush and conservatives, Ms. Streisand should focus on her own family." — Brit (Hanover, VT)

"When Bush went to war Democrats protested, but now they remain quiet knowing Kofi Anan was bribed by Saddam." — Mona (Anderson, IN)

"Fox News tells the truth, while Dan Rather and CBS are a swindle." — Neil (Pittsfield, MA)

"God bless all the Marines that are defending us from terrorists." — Marsha (Clevlend, OH)

"We can't win the war if we are scrutinized about everything we do." — Dave (ID)

"The only thing that the Marine did wrong was neglecting to shoot the camera man." — Barbara (Northport)

"Simply said, Bush tells a lie, and our young people die." — Bill (Roanoke, VA)

"Fox News ain't journalism, Fox News is propaganda!" — Jesus A. (Baghdad)

"Bush has not told the truth on any major subject since he stole his office." — Jon (Bangor, ME)

"We appreciate America for defending Ukrainian people and fair elections." — Tanja (Jacksonville, FL)

"Democrats are despising God and praising Howard Dean." — Travis (Austin, TX)

"Clinton's library reminds me of the Lenin-Stalin museum in Moscow." — Valery (Alexandria, WA)

"It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder." — Albert (NY)

"America can be thankful Bush has two daughters, at least his family line ends with him." — Brian (Ontario, Canada)

"The 'War on Drugs' is America's 'Oil-for-Food' program, also run by a bunch of crooks." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"Bill Maher is a faceless coward because he was abusing his girlfriend." — Johnatan (Las Vegas, NV)

"Could it be that ABC, CBS and NBC inflated Kerry's popularity, so the race would appear closer, making both teams spend more on campaign ads?" — John R. (Hilton Head, SC)

"Why isn't there more publicity about Tom DeLay and the rules changing for him? Wake up Republicans." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Not usually inclined to compliment you, but your treatment of 'Sly' Sylvester this evening went a long way to redeem you." — Frank M. (Milan, MI)

"I truly believe Fox had an awful lot to do with Kerry losing the election." — Anthony D. (Brooklyn, NY)

"I am so shocked and dismayed about the racist cartoons and heinous remarks about Dr. Condoleezza Rice." — Jerri K. (Spanaway, WA)

"Nancy Pelosi talks and yells a great deal, but really doesn't have any substance or brain as a Congress leader." — Martha (Santa Ana, CA)

"Democrats don't understand if they are playing offense or defense." — Lee (Newport, VT)

"It would be better for John Kerry to work as a cicerone in Clinton's museum." — Anita (Bedford, MA)

"Eggheads win debates, but boneheads win elections." — Brendan (Boca Raton, FL)

"I think the Clinton library should add the most notable artifact from his administration, the stained blue dress!" — Dave S. (Dayton, Ohio)

"Will Hillary's Southern accent return now that she'll be after those Southern red states?" — Sue W. (River Forest, IL)

"Hey, did you notice the words, 'served with honor and dignity' were not used to describe Clinton at the library dedication?" — Florence J. (Riverside, CA)

"Blacks should be ashamed. Why are they not protesting the horrendous treatment that Dr. Condoleeza Rice is receiving?" — Beck (Manistique, MI)

"Alan, you came out shining on Friday night when you told Ms. Marshall that you highly disagreed with her 'Hitler stand.' Great!" — Merka H. (Steubenville, OH)

"As a proud Black Republican, the only intolerant racist and sexist hatemongers that I see are on the left!" — Derek C. (Baton Rouge, LA)

"Mark Garragos knows who killed Laci Peterson: Scott Peterson." — James (Missoula, MT)

"I thought the USA was a rich country with the resources to train its marines to not commit war crimes. What happened?" — Paddy C. (Dublin, Ireland)

"I think the Clinton library is terrific, and he is a great American." — Rutcur (Atlanta, GA)

"I am not depressed that Kerry lost the election, because Hillary Clinton will be our president in 2008." — Alban (Portland, OR)

"If Senator Kerry donates all that money left over from his campaign, does that mean he will be able to take it off his taxes?" — Bobby H. (Asheville, NC)

"If Howard Dean became the leader of the Democrats, I am pretty sure that in 2006, the Senate would have only Tom Harkin as a senator." — Carol (Springfield, IL)

"Mark Geragos is an embarrassment to our justice system." — Bill (Fresno, CA)

"I am really surprised that Howard Dean didn't know that Clinton attacked Yugoslavia without U.N. approval." — Leny (Anderson, IN)

"We might as well let foreigners be president, since we already have a president that can't speak English." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"As a Democrat, I am proud that Monica Lewinsky has a place in Clinton's library." — George (Little Rock, AR)

"Alan, Sean is so far Right, he can never be fair to anyone who doesn't think the same way he does." — Juan (Frisco,TX)

"House Republicans can change the rules to ensure that Tom Delay won't have to resign if indicted, should we take this to mean he is guilty?" — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Maybe Bush's 'It's my way, or the highway,' has hit home to his Cabinet members." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"Mark Geragos told jurors that he knew who killed Laci Peterson, but after five months he still hasn't pointed out a killer." — Vini (San Diego, CA)

"Colin Powell for president in 2008." — David M. (Tulsa, OK)

"Dr.Rice is the first African-American woman as a secretary of state in our history. Go Republicans." — Blanche (Little Rock, AR)

"Hillary Clinton needs plastic surgery if she wants to be president in 2008." — Roger (Florence, SC)

"That poor marine did the right thing to shoot that terrorist before he got shot himself." — Dennis (Chelmsford)

"Alan you agree with the ACLU against the Boy Scouts, but when you go to court to testify, don't you take an oath under God?" — Larry S. (Perry, OK)

"Thank you to all our men and women overseas. Semper Fi." — Suzy (Rock Hill, SC)

"Bushwacked. Word used to describe the Democratic Party in this great country of ours." — Ron D. (Jupiter, FL)

"Isn't it wonderful that Bush picked another 'yes' person like Condoleeza Rice so he can do things his way?" — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"By distancing himself from John Kerry, Ben Affleck finally showed a lack of moral values." — Casey (Little Rock, AK)

"Democrats with their filibuster tactics have taken our Senate hostage." — Camila (Burbank, CA)

"If Democrats resist reformation they will stay the minority for at least 55 years." — Warren (Omaha, NE)

"Together, Ted Kennedy and Usher will sing, 'We are the champions,' for the sake of their party." — Jimmy (Mankato, MN)

"If Martha Stewart decided to run for president in 2008 against Hillary Clinton, it would be a great contest." — Jill (Las Vegas, NV)

"To judge a Marine from your safe quiet home, instead of being out there with him, is a complete outrage!" — Liam (San Francisco, CA)

"With Colin Powell, and others leaving the Cabinet, it looks like a Bush bail-out, what gives?" —Amy (Neenah, WI)

"If you Democrats want to win the election 2008, go borrow some Republicans." — James (Boston, MA)

"Alan, good to see you're back on the radio. I was a loyal listener back in the early 90s." — John Astaire

“On Veteran's Day, all the headlines were about Arafat. That makes me sick!” — Robert (Tustin, CA)

“As a military man I am so thankful that Kerry didn’t get elected!” — Jeff (Portland, OR)

“George Bush and Tony Blair are leaders with enormous vision for the future.” — Paul (Toronto, CAN.)

“If the Dems keep condemning and whining about Bush, he will never be able to unite this country.” — Norm W. (Kearny, AZ)

“Gloria Allred is disgusting. I can't believe anyone would want this publicity hound and camera hog to represent them.” — Geeja (Inglewood, CA)

“Dr. James Dobson is exactly what is wrong with America.” — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

“The silver lining is that George Bush can't run again by law. Thank God.” — James (Missoula, MT)

“Ted Kennedy will play the filibuster game in the senate, because he doesn’t like judges that follow the constitution.” — Jeane (Portland, OR)

“By honoring a terrorist like Arafat, the French government and Jimmy Carter have broken my heart.” — Roman (Miami, FL)

“Bush is doing his job. He is dealing with terrorism that has been needed to be dealt with since the Clinton administration.” — Erica (La Crosse, WI)

“The method that Democrats and their devotees use to fight Republicans reminds me of Arafat’s suicide bombers.” — Kelly (Orlando, FL)

“John Kerry was an inspiration for all gay and lesbian Americans.” — Margaret (San Diego, CA)

“Democrat senators will fight hard to pass laws that allow them to wear bikinis during sessions. These are moral values.” — Peter (Jacksonville, FL)

“Break the Republicrat stranglehold! Support the Constitution Party!” — Gardner (NC)

“To Michael Moore: Bush is your president for the next four years, so get use to it!” — Charles Z. (League City)

"The ‘moral right’ are wrong and naive." — Jim (Laughlin, NV)

"To all veterans: Thank you for your service, and all my rights and freedoms as an American. I do not take them for granted." — Amy (Neenah, WI)

"I voted for Bush not against Kerry. The Dems should learn from that." — Rick M. (Seattle, WA)

"The far left has done a great job of awakening the heart and soul of America, and believe it or not, it is NOT in Hollywood." — Roy (Newton County, TX)

"I would suggest that it would be better for America if Michael Moore represented us at Arafat's funeral. — Alon (Lancaster, PA)

"Luv ya Alan, even when you're wrong." — Beth (Denton, TX)

"If Dean becomes head of the DNC, Republicans will win again in ’08." — Robert B. (Tustin, CA)

"I think that Barbra Streisand is a better choice than Howard Dean to lead Democratic Party." — Mark (Hanover, VT)

"Did someone just compare the war in Iraq to WWII?? Whoa! Conservatives, it’s time to get a grip." — D. Lazarine (Houston, TX)

"Scare campaigns...was 'vote for Bush and he'll re-instate the draft' not a scare tactic?" — David C. (Mineola, TX)

"Is it really all about ‘defending freedom' or is it 'securing Israel with American lives'?" — Alex (Statesville)

"Voters have spoken! We won't believe the lies and tricks of the show biz people. They need to stick with their own make believe!" — Mark (Centerville, OH)

“All the urban areas in the U.S. voted for Kerry, because that's where "sin in the city" reigns supreme.” — D. Smith (Round Lake Heights, IL)

“When Kerry said this country "is not only great, it is good," do you think he includes committed Christians? Do you?” — W. Vigue (Brookfield, CT)

“You liberals think so many mistakes have been made in Iraq. WWII allies lost 70,000 in the first battle. Bad planning?” — D. Smith (Round Lake Heights, IL)

"Being on the right does not mean that you are right. Go Kerry!" E. Gomes — (Bronx, NY)

“Kerry garnered 48 percent of the popular vote. America is still polarized and Bush needs to respect the other "half" of America.” — Jason T (Federal Way, WA)

“People that were well informed voted for Bush. The rest relied on false information and voted for Kerry!” — Tom (Colorado,OH)

“As a poll worker in Ohio I verify that the elections went well, despite the Democrats efforts to mess it up!” — James (Colorado, OH)

"Kerry was right! Hope was on the way! And it HAPPENED! Much to his surprise! Go Bush!" —Alice (TN)

"Whoa is me. Whoa is me. Four more years of Bush and Cheney." — Bill (Saint Joseph, MO)

"All the people in the states with the lower IQs voted for Bush, and the people with the higher IQs voted for Kerry. That really says something." — Sean (Manchester, NH)

"Ohio didn't elect President Bush. The glitches in the electronic voting machines did." —Kimberly (OH)

"Democrats have to respect the moral values of our country. Hollywood doesn’t represent our morals." — Sandra (Springfield, IL)