Rather's Replacement: Who Is Your Choice?

The ousting of four CBS News (search) employees over the so-called "Memogate" controversy has led the Tiffany Network to make some immediate decisions about its future and has many wondering what's on the horizon for the news organization.

One of the major questions on everyone's mind is who will replace "CBS Evening News" anchor Dan Rather (search), 73. Rather was the narrator on the Bush National Guard story and has been the face of CBS News since he took over for Walter Cronkite in 1981.

Among the names rumored to be under consideration are NBC's "Today" host Katie Couric (search), "Face the Nation" moderator Bob Schieffer, "60 Minutes" correspondent Ed Bradley and "The Early Show" co-host Harry Smith.

Rather's replacement: Who is your choice?

It doesn’t matter who Replaces Rather, until CBS realizes that they need to do something about their problem, they refuse to admit even exists, that is their liberal bias. Their “no response” to Ted Kennedy is simply another indication that they have an agenda, and refuse to recognize that they do. They will remain in last place in the ratings, until they change their basic view point. Whoever replaces Rather under these circumstances, will not be doing anything positive for their career.
Ewing H.
Woodstock, GA

My candidate to replace Dan Rather is Kiran Chetry. She would blow away the competition. I would not watch any one of the other duds you mentioned.
Bill W.

Who’s going to be Dan Rather’s replacement? Who cares, I watch Fox news for all my news coverage.
Terry M.
Bristol, CT

After 49 years of watching the cbs evening news, I stopped watching it last fall and never intend to watch it again. I think John Roberts should be anchor.
Carolyn C.
Monroe, LA

Although Katy Couric has done a good job on NBC through her carrier their, her viewpoints and actions over the last decade havebecome just as slanted and opinionated as Rathers'. If she is allowed to take over that position, my husband, my family and I feel that she will end up just continuing the foot steps that Ranther as started. She is bias, opinionated and scornful when it comes to the political arena.
Deb K.
Mount Laurel, NJ

Who is up that late anyway? I have to ship that show to go to bed early so I can get up and watch "Fox & Friends." Great hair day Steve...
Billy B.

As much as I hate to say it, Kiran should replace Dan Rather as anchor. I could get my Fox & Friends fix in the AM and watch Kiran for the nightly news. She could definitely double the rating for CBS. Just to let you know, my TV has FOX burned into the upper left corner, so I still wouldn’t abandon you guys.
Cedartown, GA

Clay Aiken. He has integrity and he's easy on the eyes. Maybe he could sign off with a tune. I don't watch CBS news but if he was the anchor I'd never miss it!

I'm stunned by all this... who watches this stuff, nightly news? I'm in my forties and except for channel surfing on Election Day, I can't remember ever choosing to watch network news. That said:
1. Katie or anyone established would be silly to take this gig
2. They should go with someone in their 30's, a male female team
3. I have no one in mind
Enjoy the show!

Guys, this one is a no brainer. It's Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show." The guy is already great at delivering the fake news.
Dallas, TX

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