Gun Trade-In Has Town's Cops in Hot Seat

The town of Sweetwater isn't making friends with other local police departments.

Sweetwater's top cop says he doesn't have enough money to buy new guns for his officers — so he's got no choice but to trade in old guns for new ones at a local gun store.

Critics call the "trade-in" program a big mistake.

"When you buy a used gun, it's like buying a used car — you're not going to pay top dollar for it," said John Shanks, director of law enforcement relations at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (search). "These guns are going to go back into the civilian market. They're going to be very inexpensive to buy."

But Police Chief Roberto Fulgueira (search) says that unless $20,000 magically appear in his budget, he is forced to trade in weapons.

"I have a moral obligation to my men, to their families and to the community," said Fulgueira. "Number one, I'm not going to send my men out there with weapons that are going to malfunction."

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