Conscientious Objector

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Seems a LOT of you got fired up over the interview Tuesday with Sgt. Benderman, who is refusing to return to Iraq (search) for a second tour of duty. Here are some e-mails that have just come in:

E-mail No. 1:

One does not join the armed forces NOT TO Fight. Peace is a worthy goal to be sought after, but bringing people like Saddam Hussein to the peace table requires force.
-A Veteran

E-mail No. 2:

As a service member I understand that the public may not support our actions, but it is a smack in the face when a service member signs his contract and backs out on his word.
-Active Duty Marine in Virginia

E-mail No. 3:

Military and war have gone on and together long before we were born, whatever made him think that in our world today, war or some conflict was not going to happen is beyond me. If he can't stomach what he signed up for, let a military panel decide how long he should sit in "time out."
-SSgt OBrien

E-mail No. 4:

It would be one thing if this soldier had been drafted or forced to go to war. However, he comes from an old military family, and...he knew perfectly well the ugly and painful sides of war. He needs to become an example to the rest of America's troops — not an example of a true and honest conscientious objector, but of a deserter of the worst kind.
-Judy Pearce in Belton, Texas

E-mail No. 5:

Although I personally disagree with him I am not comfortable judging him for it. Every man must look in his own heart and hopefully he has done this and made his decision carefully.
-Greg Jaeckel in Auburn, Washington

For Wednesday's "DaySide," we'll keep tracking the confirmation hearing for Condoleezza Rice (search). Expect more fireworks. There is also a new animated cartoon coming out on the Web about George W. Bush — I hear it's hysterical — and we're unveiling it on the show Wednesday.

On a totally different subject, the authors of "The Facelift Diaries" (search) will be with me in the studio. Their book is all about what it's REALLY like to get a facelift (they both did) and what they wish someone had told them before they went under the knife.

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