Utah Avalanche Search Ends

Authorities ended a large-scale search for victims of last week's massive avalanche (search) Monday and said there is a good chance a body found over the weekend was the lone victim.

"Right now, we believe that we have taken the one sole victim out of there," Summit County (search) Sheriff Dave Edmunds said at a news conference.

Trained dogs had helped searchers find the body Sunday beneath tons of snow. The presence of multiple sets of sweat shirts and gloves nearby had suggested possibly four additional victims.

The body of Shane Maixner (search), 27, of Sandpoint, Idaho, was found under 4 feet of snow, Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds said. More than 150 rescue workers and 20 dogs were involved in the search.

Several eyewitnesses claimed they saw multiple people being buried by the avalanche near Park City, about 20 miles east of Salt Lake City. But Maixner was the only one who had been identified even before his body was found. A friend told a 911 dispatcher he saw him caught by the cascading mass of snow.