Regrets, I've Had a Few

OK, the election is over and George Bush (search) has decided it's safe to admit to the press corps that he might have made a mistake, or two.

Anybody who thinks such an admission was going to come while James Carville (search) and Joe Lockhart could still use it to get John Kerry elected was just out of their minds. It wasn't going to happen. Period.

But now... well, now all that's over and Bush had admitted he regrets saying, "Bring 'em on" and we were going to get Usama bin Laden (search), "dead or alive."

President Bush admitted, in a roundtable interview with several newspapers, that he regretted saying "Bring 'em on" and he never intended the words to sound defiant and thoughtless about the dangers facing our troops.

Then Democrat Nancy Pelosi jumped right on it, and said aha! We knew he made a mistake, now let's hear him admit everything that's been going in Iraq is wrong.

Let me interject a little sense into this discussion.

I spend no small amount of time reading what the jihadis say to each other on their Web sites. Anybody who thinks terrorists came to Iraq to kill Americans because George Bush said, "Bring 'em on," is literally out of their minds.

Believe me, to the jihadis it meant nothing, or less than nothing.

What brings the jihadis to Iraq are the words of al-Zarqawi not George Bush. They're drawn by the words of Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, not George Bush.

The words of George Bush insulted our so-called friends — the Germans, French, Brits, etc. — who think Texas and what people from there say are markedly down the evolutionary ladder from their own lofty spot.

George Bush, in these rash statements, fired up the rhetorical jihadis and his political opponents in the West, not the real fighters who have ridden into Iraq on a magic carpet of cash from Saddam guys hiding out in Syria.

I'm glad Bush has expressed some regret, but that's enough regret for me, thanks.

That's My Word.

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