Celebrity for President: Who's Your Choice?

A poll in Parade magazine reveals its readers chose Oprah Winfrey (search) as the celebrity they'd most like to vote for for president.

Celebrity for president: Who's your choice?

A sample of your responses:

My celebrity pick for president would be E.D. Hill. O'Reilly would be my pick for vice president. Bill has the right ideas most of the time, but I would rather watch and listen to E.D. give the speech. She could be the Republican secret weapon and would win by a landslide over Hillary Clinton.

Fred Thompson is my pick. He's a celebrity and knows how Washington works.
Cynthia L.
Dublin, GA

I think Oliver North would make a great president. Want a vice president for him? How about Gregg Kelly.
Have a great New Year.
Guy G.
Milton, FL

My celeb pick would be Mel Gibson. Because he is not afraid to do what is correct. Especially against the very liberal and unethical hollywood family.
Billy C.

Jon Stewart for Pres! We need a president that represents the concerns of all people and defends them. A pres. that brings out the best of both parties, to better the Whole.
Ken L.
Glenville, NC

If John Wayne was still alive he would my pick. As commander in chief he would lead the troops through Iraq and our troops would be home.
Robert B.
Eureka, CA

Tom Selleck — he's intelligent!
Linda F.

I would like to see Bruce Willis in the run from the top seat. Bruce is the best bet out there. We need a tough take no prisoners kind of guy in the top seat. No wimps.
Mike H.
Wanamaker, IN

We need Michael Savage for Pres., he's the only one who may have the cajones to do what has to be done to win the war on terror.
Sam C.
Sibley, IA

Oliver North
Real hero.
Real medals.
Real terrorist fighter.
Real smart.
Jeff J.

I'd like to see Schwarzenegger, but we all know he can't run. I think he exemplifies the American dream — an immigrant who works hard and builds a great life in the land of opportunity and then serves his people.
John R.
Dalton City, IL

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