Juror That Convicted Skakel Helps Appeal

A former police officer who sat on the jury that convicted Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel (search) of murder now says he has doubts about whether Skakel is guilty and is working for Skakel's defense team.

Retired Darien police officer Brian Wood (search) tells Fox News that he's not sure Skakel got a fair trial. He's working for Skakel's private investigator, Vito Colucci.

Skakel is serving 20 years to life for bludgeoning his neighbor, Martha Moxley (search), to death in 1975 with a golf club. He was convicted in 2002.

Skakel cousin Robert Kennedy Junior says it takes courage to do what Wood is doing. He says Skakel's conviction is built on a fantasy that the well-connected family manipulated the law.

Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano says he responds to legal motions, not to television shows. Wood is not mentioned in Skakel's lengthy appeal, which is being considered by the state Supreme Court.