Iraqi Red Cross Driver Killed

An Iraqi driver of the international Red Cross was killed near Baghdad, the organization said Saturday.

The driver, who was in his 40s, disappeared west of Baghdad (search) while on duty Thursday and his body was found Friday, said Annick Bouvier, a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross (search). The circumstances of the slaying were unclear, Bouvier said.

"The victim, who was in his 40s, married and had four children, began working for the ICRC as a driver in July 2003," Bouvier said.

The ICRC "is deeply shocked and dismayed by the death," she said.

The ICRC has considerably reduced its staff and operation in Iraq since a suicide truck bombing heavily damaged its Baghdad headquarters in October 2003, killing two Red Cross (search) employees and as many as 10 other people outside the compound.