As President Bush gets ready to serve a second term, several members of his Cabinet have decided to leave the administration. Here's a breakdown of the Cabinet departments, who is going, who Bush has tapped for replacements and who is staying:


Secretary of Homeland Security
Out: Tom Ridge
In: Michael Chertoff, former Department of Justice Criminal Division chief

Secretary of Agriculture
Out: Ann M. Veneman
In: Mike Johanns, current governor of Nebraska

Secretary of Commerce
Out: Don Evans
In: Carlos Gutierrez, current CEO of Kellogg, Co.

Attorney General
Out: John Ashcroft
In: Alberto Gonzales, current White House counsel

Secretary of Education
Out: Rod Paige
In: Margaret Spellings, currently Bush's domestic policy adviser

Secretary of State
Out: Colin Powell
In: Condoleezza Rice, currently Bush's national security adviser

Secretary of Energy
Out: Spencer Abraham
In: Samuel W. Bodman, currently deputy secretary of the Treasury

Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Out: Anthony Principi
In: Jim Nicholson, currently U.S. ambassador to the Vatican

Secretary of Health & Human Services
Out: Tommy Thompson
In: Mike Leavitt, currently EPA administrator


Secretary of the Interior
Gale Norton

Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld

Secretary of Labor
Elaine Chao

Secretary of Transportation
Norman Mineta

Secretary of the Treasury
John Snow

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
Alphonso Jackson