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Hi all,

Welcome to the new blog! It has finally dawned on me that I should be including some of your e-mails in the blog instead of just reading them on the air. So from now on, your comments will be immortalized in the "DaySide" blog. (Not ALL of them, of course, just the ahem... pithy ones. Thanks, Bill, for loaning me your favorite word.)

Some follow-up on the "dirty bomb" segment today — I really do encourage you to watch the movie "Dirty War" (search) on HBO, January 24.

Check this out from Karen in Ocala, Florida:

"Linda, if you had asked me this question a few days ago, I would have thought, 'What a bunch of baloney, and rabblerousing on Linda's part!' But [not] after our local sheriff, Ed Dean, appeared yesterday along with FBI agents (search) on national TV to announce they had arrested a 22 year old idiot who lives in my city, who somehow found the time to not only grow castor beans, but to go to the trouble of boiling it down to retrieve RICIN!... Now that this has hit so close to home, you can be we will be discussing this over Friday night supper out in Ocala..."

Denny in Lavaca, Arkansas offered this:

"Most vets have had quite a bit of training in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical).You would think that communities could recruit some of us to help. Like the civil defense teams of WWII era..."

On the DNA (search) story where police in Truro, Massachusetts are asking every man in town to give a DNA sample to help solve the murder of Christa Worthington (search)...

I got this e-mail from Mark in Nebraska:

"Just watched the segment about DNA... That happened on a smaller scale in Omaha and is still being talked about and legal wrangling [is] still going on. Our local power company OPPD had numerous males coerced into giving DNA samples to solve a rape case. A description of the suspect was given ... These were all black males. You can imagine that this is not sitting well in the black community..." (Mark, has a suspect been charged in the case? What was the outcome?)

The following e-mail came from David: (hometown next time, okay?)

"17 years in law enforcement and I would not give the department a sample. For I can assure you that the DNA base will not be kept private and other agencies, state and federal, will be able to access it."

We'll keep tracking the Worthington case and keep you posted. In the meantime, have a great weekend — I'm out Monday and Mike Jerrick is pinch-hitting. Be gentle with him — he's a delicate flower. ;-)


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