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Will Iraq (search) be ready for the Jan. 30 elections? We'll have the latest from the region, plus analysis from Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, Maj. Gen. Bob Scales, Lt. Col. Tim Eads and Dan Senor, former coalition provisional authority (search) spokesman.

Plus, with escalating violence in Iraq, why do terrorists there fear democracy? We'll ask Eric Bjornlund, founder of Democracy International (search).

We'll also have live reports from across the country after hard-hitting winter weather is wreaking havoc in several states.

And we'll have a look ahead to Thursday's inauguration -- what preparations are being made and what can Americans expect from President Bush's speech? We'll ask Fred Barnes, co-host of FNC's "Beltway Boys" and executive editor of The Weekly Standard.

Plus, we'll have a preview of Sunday night's Golden Globe (search) awards — which actors and what films are likely to walk away with top honors?

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