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Jan. 11:

The news begins anew with "Studio B"...

California's Wicked Weather

You've been seeing the pictures and we'll have the latest on the weather in California, including a live report from our own William La Jeunesse on the situation in La Conchita (search), California where three people are reported dead, another eight injured and at least 21 people have been reported missing after a mudslide.

Also, after the wettest December on record is the weather picture in the West finally about to brighten? We'll talk with FOXcaster Janice Dean.

Social Security Reform

President Bush is pushing hard for social security reform and at an event today began the campaign for revamping the system.

"Most younger people in America don't think they'll see a dime," Bush said at an event to kicking off what will be a series of appearances by his top officials to help convince the public and lawmakers that the retirement system needs fixing.

"My attitude is once we assure the seniors who receive Social Security today that everything is fine I think we've got a shot to get something done," Bush said.

We'll talk with our own Neil Cavuto about the President's plan and its chances for success.

Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff (search) a judge and former Whitewater prosecutor has been tapped by President Bush to be his next Homeland Security chief.

We'll have the latest on today's announcement.

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