Topics and Guests for January 11

Failing schools. Corrupt businesses. Ineffective government. Newt Gingrich (search) wants to take back America before it's too late! Is a new Contract with America the answer? We'll be joined by the former speaker of the House.

President Bush taps his new Homeland Security chief. What sort of man is federal appeals court judge Michael Chertoff? (search) That's the big question for former Sen. Dennis DeConcini, D-Ariz., and Rick Davis, Republican strategist.

Despite a promise to expand the Iraqi Army, Iraq's interim president admits that some areas of Iraq will be too unsafe to participate in elections. Should the elections be postponed until security improves? We'll ask James Dobbins, former envoy to post-war Afghanistan.

In football and in politics, there are clear winners and losers. Should DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe have been fired a long time ago? That's the big question for Dan Gerstein, Democratic consultant former strategist for Sen. Joe Lieberman.

And, former Clinton aide Sandy Berger is under fire for taking top-secret documents. Now a federal grand jury is investigating. How much trouble could Berger face? Judge Andrew Napolitano investigates.

Plus, are our Reserve and National Guard forces over-extended in Iraq? Heather Nauert investigates.

All of that... and more on "The Big Story With John Gibson" at 5 p.m. ET.

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