Fair and Balanced?

This was a day that led every hour with the new homeland security secretary, followed by the challenge of the Iraq elections to the Dan Rather (search) memo mess. Oh yeah, and Donny Osmond and Carol Alt.

For me, the highlight was talking football with two borderline hall of famers-turned-broadcasters, Boomer Esiason and Terrell Davis. Few things are better for me in sports then this round of the NFL playoffs — especially this year. To get the insight of two former players like Davis and Boomer — who not only know the game, but study it as well — is great. Help them out by going to NFL.com and voting for this year's best running back and quarterback. To me, it's Peyton Manning and Curtis Martin, but you make the call.

This Iraq coverage is really getting out of control. As predicted, the violence is rising, but yet in Iraq's south and central outside Baghdad it's virtually nil. In Sadr city from corner to corner they are talking politics and picking their candidates, as they are in Basra and every other major city not in the infamous triangle. What's the headline? Even on our show: Prime Minister Allawi (search) says some sections of the country may find it to dangerous to vote. Wow! No kidding? He also said he is spending $2.2 billion to add 50,000 more soldiers and wooing the Sunnis back into the process. Did you know there is a rift between the dreaded insurgents Baathists and the mutant bin Laden followers? Well, it's true and it's exactly what could force the Sunnis back into the fold. The Associated Press ran the story, but it barely gets a mention.

Paul Bremer write an editorial saying what a good move it was to disband the military when he took over. His reasoning is solid, but it doesn't gel with those who ran the invasion who were having meeting with the generals on the QT in the hopes of converting 100,000 troops to the post-Saddam Iraq. Bottom line, Bremer did his best and we are where we are. The New York Times called the mission a complete failure today. Another shocker, where is the article that calls Afghanistan a complete success?

I love Jordan's ambassador saying the elections will only get a 60 percent turnout. Here's a guy who works for a king, ripping a 60 percent turnout as to low? That 60 percent voter turnout, by the way would exceed America's.

As for the book, thanks again for keeping "The Games Do Count" in the top 10. If you live in the Ohio area make sure to come out to Toledo and to Cleveland on the 21st and 22nd respectively. It looks like Dallas is a go for the 29th and hopefully Houston the day before. Also hope to see you February 3rd in Jacksonville. Check my Web site — briankilmeade.com — for more details. Also go to the site to learn how to get a customized signed copy sent to your home.

Thanks and tune in Thursday: Among our guests, Pat Williams, father of 19 and author of "Coaching Your Kids to be Leaders."


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