Sweating the Small Stuff

Several of you asked why a business news anchor would waste his time discussing such trivial issues as opening a door for a woman. I'll tell you why: because they're not trivial. To me, they're very important.

My father used to say you can tell a lot about a bigwig by how he gets along with wigs who aren't so big. He was right.

Some you say I should be focused on bigger things. I beg to differ. I think life is often judged by the little things. The proof is in the thousands of e-mails this subject of opening doors generated. More of you responded to this incident than any merger, any scandal, or any president I've covered.

A man named Tony e-mailed to say, a real business show wouldn't bother with such silly things. To me then, that show isn't real.

You know, for the life of me, I can't recall someone in his or her final days, lamenting, "If only I had put more time in at the office."

No, they wonder and fret over other things — the little things — like time lost with a spouse, or kids. They're not so little when we're facing the big end.

I'm not here to suggest a business show should stop looking at business. I am here to say a good business show should stop and look at the people who make up that business.

Let me be clear: I'd rather spread the items of lasting value than the numbers of passing interest.

You can do both. Some of my competitors disagree. They say spreadsheets matter. I say, they're right — because on this show, the spreadsheet has just hit the fan.

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