Jan. 11, 2005

January 20: Protestors Left and Right

Inaugural protest ideas sprout across the Internet, with a protest called "Not One Damn Dime Day," encouraging critics of President Bush to send a message by not spending any money on Jan. 20.

Meanwhile the Christian Defense Coalition is granted a permit to hold a prayer vigil and protest the prohibition on crosses at the Inauguration Parade.

But of course there’s one problem for the protestors: there’s not enough room to even do it!

January 30: Iraq, the Vote

Today Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi acknowledged that some parts of Iraq wouldn’t be able to participate in the January 30 elections because of insurgent activity. And also…

New York Time’s columnist David Brooks on how Iraqis – not us - can save Iraq.

Christopher Hitchens on why Iraq's vote is not like Palestine's.

Others doubt democracy will ever work.

And also…

A 12-year-old seventh-grader at Ni River Middle School objects to saying the Pledge of Allegiance arguing that a compelled act of patriotism violates his First Amendment right to free speech. The ACLU of Virginia concurs.

And how about this? Beckham look-alikes to marry!

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