Transcript: Colin Powell on 'FOX News Sunday'

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: Joining us now to discuss tsunami relief and Iraqi elections is Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Mr. Secretary, welcome and thanks for being with us from Nairobi, Kenya.


HUME: I want to ask you, first of all, about the agreement that's being signed there and whether and how you think it may affect what you have described as genocide going on in Darfur.

POWELL: This is an historic agreement where the SPLM, the southern movement, has finally, after 20 years of conflict, come into a comprehensive peace agreement with the government in Khartoum.

And now the peace can begin. This war hopefully will be coming to an end, although there are many difficulties ahead.

And I hope that, as a result of this agreement, the two sides working together can work together to solve the problem of Darfur.

Last September, I declared that genocide had occurred and was probably still occurring. Now, I did that on the basis of teams that went in at that time. And since then, I have not had teams in, but the U.N. has sent its commission in to investigate this, and we're expecting a statement from the U.N. next week as to whether or not it makes an international judgment that genocide is taking place in Darfur.

HUME: Do you have any reason, Mr. Secretary, to believe that the genocide that you believed and said was occurring has stopped?

POWELL: I have no basis to believe that, but I have no basis to make a fresh judgment now in the absence of my sending new teams in, because what we did was made our judgment and then in accordance with the genocide conventions, give that to the Security Council, which then launched their commission.

But certainly the attacks against people, the moving of people off their homelands, forcing them into camps, that is continuing.

So the situation continues to be very, very grim, whether you decide it is genocide or not.

HUME: Now, you...

POWELL: The issue is not what you call it. It is what is happening in the region.


HUME: Well,...

POWELL: And that's what we're working ...


HUME: Of course, one of the people that you're dealing with there is the representative — are the representatives of the government. Have you made known your sentiments to them? Obviously, they are, in a considerable measure, responsible here.

POWELL: Yes, I have, and I've done it repeatedly. And we talked about it again yesterday.