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Jan. 6:

The news begins anew with "Studio B"...

Yates Conviction Tossed

A new trial has been ordered for Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her five children in 2001 and was sentenced by a jury to life in prison in 2002. Yates was tried in the death of three of her children. She was not tried in the deaths of the other two.

We'll have the latest on the decision by a three judge panel which was announced today in Texas. And we'll bring you the press conference by

Election Certification Expected Today

A joint session of Congress to count electoral votes and certify the 2004 election is planned for today. We'll have a live report from FNC's Major Garrett .

Tsunami Disaster

We'll have remarkable new video of the first wave of the deadly tsunami that's devastated South Asia. You won't believe this footage!

Plus, we'll have the latest on the disaster relief aid meeting that took part in South Asia today.

Gonzales Confirmation Hearings

Confirmation hearings began in the Senate today for White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales who has been nominated for the position of Attorney General by President Bush. We'll tell you what happened today in the Senate.

The Future of Iraq

We'll have the latest on the situation in Iraq with less than a month to go until the elections in that country.

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