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From antibiotics to clothes to cash — lots of it — U.S.-based relief groups report an overwhelming response from donors moved by the devastation of the Indian Ocean tsunami (search), with more than $200 million raised as of Tuesday. The private donations are in addition to the $350 million pledged thus far by the U.S. government.

How will the United States' image abroad be impacted by the tsunami assistance? That's the big question for former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger.

The running estimate of children orphaned by the Southeast Asian tsunami is about fifty thousand. Now, to make things worse, we're getting more reports that these kids are being preyed upon by kidnappers, or sexual predators. What's being done to protect orphans from child-trafficking gangs (search) seeking to exploit the chaos of the tsunami disaster? We'll ask Gerald Mmartone, director of emergency response for the International Rescue Committee.

You don't need a license to have a kid. But should there be laws against having more, if you can't handle the ones you've got? That's the big question for civil rights attorney Jim O'Dea and Florida prosecutor Stacy Honowitz.

Will the president's new domestic agenda succeed? We'll ask Republican strategist Jim Dyke and Juan Williams, national correspondent for National Public Radio.

Plus, congressional lawmakers are gearing up for Alberto Gonzales' confirmation process. Will it be smooth sailing, or a rocky road for the president's pick for attorney general? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Chris Horner, Republican attorney, and Ron Daniels of the Center for Constitutional Rights..

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