Caring for Children

Thursday on "DaySide"

There is yet more to cover in the tsunami aftermath, especially concerning children: UNICEF (search) estimates that some 50,000 children have been orphaned by the disaster. I keep hearing from many of you who are wondering how you might help, and I'd be willing to bet that at least some have you have thought about whether it's possible to adopt any of these innocent victims.

So Thursday, as we cover the day's breaking news, we will also focus on the orphans and questions about adopting them. If you have a question or comment about this, send me an email at: and I'll try to read it on the air.

Another story we're covering — Thursday, confirmation hearings start for Alberto Gonzales (search), the White House Counsel who President Bush has just nominated to be Attorney General. The ACLU (search) is pretty clear where it stands on this man, as evidenced in its press release today. It describes Gonzales as the "author of the infamous memorandum that provided legal justifications for the use of torture (at Guantanamo)," adding that he "bears much of the responsibility for creating the legal framework and permissive atmosphere that led to the torture and abuse at Guantanamo (search) and elsewhere."

These hearings may well get contentious — as they get started, I'd like to hear your thoughts about Gonzales and his critics. Thanks!

By the way, many of you have asked why we're not seeing much disaster relief coming from Muslim (search) countries. Good question. However, you should know that the Saudi government announced today it is offering $30 million and will hold a telethon tomorrow. (Wonder how much the Saudi royals themselves will donate???)


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