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With billions of dollars on the way to help tsunami victims — including $350 million from the U.S. government — President Bush launches a nationwide campaign to send even more money. The president is calling on two former presidents — his father and Bill Clinton (search) — to encourage support from the private sector.

Is the U.S. doing enough to help? That's the big question for White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett.

Plus, many of the tsunami victims escaped with their lives and little else. Billions of dollars in financial aid are pouring into the region, but will free trade and long-term investment prove even more valuable to the region? We'll ask Collin Levey, columnist for The New York Post.

Judges aren't supposed to worry about politics or public opinion — they are supposed to uphold the law. Chief Justice William Rehnquist (search) says judges need more protection from politicians who disagree with them. Is he right? That's the big question for Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School.

Plus, Tuesday marks the return of Congress. How will they going to react to President Bush's second term agenda? Chris Lehane, Democratic strategist, and Ann Coulter, author of "How to Talk to a Liberal," join the debate.

And, we've heard very little from John Kerry (search) since the election. But he has serious plans for 2005 — and maybe 2008 as well. Kerry spoke to Newsweek magazine about those plans and why he lost to President Bush. What lessons has Kerry learned? We'll ask Newsweek senior writer, Susannah Meadows.

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