Jan. 4, 2005

After the Tsunami

The aftermath of the tsunami is putting on display exactly what United Nations and European bureaucrats are loath to admit: that the U.S. and its military are forces for good in the world. Don D'Cruz points out the problems with U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland's assertion that the United States is “stingy” in lending a hand and its underlying assumptions. And while the United States is putting our lives on the line for Muslim people, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bosnia, Serbia, and in the wake of the South Asia tsunami disaster, where victims were overwhelmingly Muslim — what are the Muslim nations themselves doing in the tsunami aid competition? Answer: not much.

Oh and Diane, Dan, Brian and Company are all in Tsunami-ville

And attacking the GOP…

Kerry’s Generals are back in the news, trying to topple White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales by saying he's being too tough on terrorists. The ACLU preps for Gonzales.

Meanwhile, former New Jersey Governor and former EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman has found the shortest route to adoring press — by betraying her old GOP cronies with a book. Her complaint — the Republican Party has become too conservative, and that the party really needs to govern more like Democrats. Not a whole lot, mind you, just on those social issues such as the environment and, one presumes, abortion. Tellingly, her book tour doesn’t include a single state carried by George W. Bush.

Other Stuff

O.J. Simpson is going to the Orange Bowl. How nice.

David Beckham is set to travel to the tsunami disaster zone to comfort kids. And actor Richard Gere is encouraging Palestinians to vote.

Making 8,400 votes count...twice

Washington State Republican Party leaders say they've discovered the reason that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Christine Gregoire was able to eke out a victory over Republican Dino Rossi after losing two previous state-performed recounts. Apparently there’s a little discrepancy in the counties that gave Gregoire her “victory.” In those counties, the number of ballots actually outnumbered registered voters by an astounding 8,400! This means the number of fraudulent ballots could run into tens of thousands — a situation that has led reliably Democratic newspapers to confess that they smell a rat.

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