Jan. 3, 2005


Last week’s tsunami seems to have fostered an inordinate amount of political idiocy. The Michael Moore Brigades are blasting George Bush, capitalism, globalism, you name it (story requires registration). The irrepressible Steve Milloy lists some of the wilder theories of hair-on-fire environmentalists, who, in blaming America first, seem to have followed the lead established by U.N. humanitarian-relief czar Jan Egeland. (Ironically, while Egeland was dissing the United States, Americans had contributed more money to relief efforts merely by clicking a Paypal button at Amazon.com than the German government had devoted to the cause — and U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan refused to cut short a ski vacation in Jackson Hole to deal with the crisis.)

Now, a few facts: The Los Angeles Times published a riveting account of the disaster, noting sagely that not even our top geological scientists had a clue that an undersea earthquake would unleash a tsunami. Indeed, top scientists were discounting the possibility of a tsunami even after the rushing waters had killed tens of thousands.

While Annan and his cronies were criticizing Americans as “stingy,” tsunami survivors were saluting our aid workers. And, by the way — the United States may eventually spend billions of dollars to help Asia recover.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, mulls over God and tsunamis.

And the “lost” tribe: The fate of the Sentinelese and of other aboriginal tribes in the remote Indian archipelago known as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands remain uncertain after the Asian tsunami.

Here’s how to help:

Amazon.com teams up with the American Red Cross.

Here is a list of organizations accepting contributions and donations to aid victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami.

Also you can support your favorite causes through trading on eBay.

Also, kudos to actress Sandra Bullock, who has given one million dollars to the American Red Cross. Meanwhile…where is Michael Moore? When will Bruce Springsteen have a concert? When will these celebrities step up to the plate and do something constructive?

The Fair and Balanced Media

CBS still hasn’t released the long-awaited report on how 60 Minutes II got hornswoggled into recycling an old set of allegations about President Bush’s National Guard Service, but the portents indicate that the Tiffany Network is preparing to eat crow – probably to be served up the day after Dan Rather retires. CBS News President Andrew Heyward reportedly assured the White House that the network is "fair and balanced." (Sound familiar?) When Tony Snow Show researcher Holiday Dmitri called CBS to inquire when the Rathergate report would be released, CBS Spokesperson Kelli Edwards replied curtly, “I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, Norman Mailer blasting Bush to an applauding group of, yes, journalists…

Odds and Ends …

A new report indicates that there’s an inverse relationship between a woman’s IQ and her marriagability.

The unparalleled Dave Barry has called it a career.

John Leo outs Wesleyan University.

And Essence, the most successful magazine for black women, finally has challenged the grotesque misogyny of hip-hop lyrics and videos. Better late than never.

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