"The Birth of Jesus" — Exclusive Extended Content

FOX News Channel explores the mystery of Jesus' early life, from his miraculous birth to the controversial "missing years." Guided by theologians and scientists, we trace Jesus' footsteps on a quest for the true Christmas story. Watch it again Christmas Day, December 25 at 9 p.m. and midnight ET.

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A Matter of Faith
Preachers Erwin Lutzer and A.R. Bernard interpret Jesus' story.
Evidence of Jesus
Did the Bible stories really happen? Authors John Crossan and Jonathan Reed weigh in.
"Excavating Jesus"
Read an excerpt from Crossan and Reed's book.

Click here to read an excerpt from their latest collaboration, "In Search of Paul."
Related Websites
Find out about the experts featured in "The Birth of Jesus," and get links to further reading.

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