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Friday's My Word was a riff on the Bill Bennett (search) stink and my theory that liberals don't want African Americans thinking about abortion because after 30 years of legalized abortion, there are now 10 million fewer African Americans in this country — which you would think black leaders would find shocking.


I would assume that you already know what happens to people in an overpopulated society where money may be scarce — they fall deeper into poverty, crime rate does go up, as well as the unemployment rate and other social ills. Tell me, John, who is going to pay for them? See what I mean? The liberal line is since they're going to be poor, abort 'em!
Katie S.
News Director at KHBT Radio

Humboldt, IA

My goodness, you have weirdo views. You don't seem to understand that what is growing inside of a woman's uterus is NONE of your business. Just get your nose out of it — and get a life.
Darlene P.

Thanks for putting a different slant on this age-old argument. A very thought provoking piece.
J. Steven C.
Hixson, TN

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