Tsunami Aftermath

This has been one of the most heart-wrenching weeks in recent memory.

The number of people that lost their lives in a matter of moments jumped from 25,000 on Monday to now over 100,000 and we have to try and put in it perspective. It's flat out impossible to, especially when you consider how may connected lives have been shattered or altered forever. Jennifer Griffin has been sensational with her coverage from Thailand (search). I just hope this does not turn into a health crisis over the next few days.

It's amazing how campaign-like criticism reared its head when The Washington Post ran a story about President Bush not being more visible early in the week. It's unthinkable that a United Nations undersecretary would use this crisis to rip the U.S. for not giving more aid on Monday, then spend the week back-tracking here in New York City. Personally, I love that President Bush mentioned Usama bin Laden's (search) threat in his Crawford, Texas news conference. Hopefully we can begin to make his life a little more uncomfortable this year.

Make sure to watch Steve and Alisyn on New Year's Eve and Julian, Juliet and Mike all weekend!

Quick note: I'm on my last few book stops, where I hope to see all of you! Dallas and Houston are the winners and their dates will be January 27 and 28. Meanwhile, set in stone is Friday, January 21 at Thackeray's at 7 p.m. in Toledo and the Saturday, January 22 at Jo Beth Booksellers in Lyndhurts, near Cleveland.

Hope to see ya there and thanks to all who bought "The Games Do Count."


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