Celebs Reveal Their Perfect New Year's

Celebs reveal what they love to do over the New Year's holiday:

Bill Murray: It used to be to find a girl, drink and hopefully get lucky. Those truly were the good old days. Wait a minute -- maybe I'll try it again this New Year's Eve!

Minnie Driver: Any warm beach in the Caribbean will do, with a good book and a group of friends to catch up on old times.

Samuel L. Jackson: Go to church -- there's no better place to be. I give thanks for all that I have been blessed with, which is a lot, over the year.

Ashanti: Perform onstage. When you love to sing, there's nothing more exciting than entertaining a crowd on New Year's Eve. The audiences are always great and up for a good time, and for me it's the ultimate party.

Kevin Bacon: I like to go somewhere exotic, but Kyra, my wife, usually convinces me to just hang out in New York. This year I won. We're all going to Costa Rica. Yes!

Owen Wilson: I love to get drunk by an ocean with my family. It's the best and only way for me to celebrate the coming year.

Emmy Rossum: Wherever I am working in the world, it's great to come home to New York, the best city in the world, and be with those I love the most.

Kate Bosworth: At home, being romantic with the one love.