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Dear Viewers,

I much appreciate all your e-mails — see below for some randomly grabbed from our show account. I have solicited the viewers to write most of this blog with their e-mails while I sit out for a few days. I am now anxious to get back to work. As you know, I enjoy my job.

Since I have had a few days off, I have been thinking of ways to improve the blog and the show page for you. I like to post pictures and video on it, but I am curious ... do you look at the pictures? Do you like the video? Do you have any other ideas how to improve the blog? Let me know. I know that I would like to make it easier for viewers to subscribe to the newsletter — even I had a hard time testing the subscription. So, send me your ideas and thoughts, since I figure you are deep into this with me!

On another not so light a topic: Like many of you, I have been glued to the television (FNC) watching this tragedy in Southeast Asia (search). I sure wish I could figure out how to help. It is horrible what sometimes happens to people. I suppose the best thing I can do is send money — which is what I am doing.

E-mail No. 1

Remember US. We, the unemployed, that lost their job from outsourcing (India and surrounding countries). We would like to see you report about all these companies that defend it and did the outsourcing. Because we know and common sense tells us that the whole region will be paralyzed at least for 6 months.
Don't think that I'm insensitive at the human tragedy.

E-mail No. 2

We just saw a report by Jennifer Griffin regarding the Tsunami on "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren" news show. She was asking a gentleman on the beach why a body they were discussing had not been removed. Quite indigent that this had not been done. Well — there are thousands of bodies to be removed and taken care of. Probably nobody has had time to remove it yet. Maybe she and the man she was talking to could have done so and been helpful instead of complaining! She did not sound at all sensitive to the situation and what the poor people are going through

ANSWER: I confess, I did not see the show — my hours when I am off are about 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., but I am following this tragedy closely (I wish I could help these suffering people. If FOX would send me, I would be on the first plane.) But, as for Jennifer Griffin on our show last night in my absence, I have to respond to this e-mail. Jennifer is the best of the best in the business. I assure you that not only is she the best of the best, but she cares deeply for people. She has covered more tragedy around the world than any six reporters and she has done it with greater intellect and more soul than anyone else. People often assume from watching coverage that reporters are or feel a certain way — but give them, and Jennifer, a break. She is no doubt sleepless and emotionally drained — wishing she could make all this tragedy go away ... and wishing she could make recent history better or different for the people.

E-mail No. 3

Greta, You interrogated Gloria Allred about a book deal with Amber Frey. However, during the Scott Petersen trial, you rang up a huge profit for "On the Record" and FOX News! Greta, that's called hypocrisy! I guess almost all lawyers behave in a very asinine manner? Gloria's book deal has nothing to do with the trials outcome, so frankly my Greta, it is none of your business! WHEN PEOPLE SPUTTER OUT STUPID DUMB AND HYPOCRITICAL CRAP, LIKE YOUR INTERROGATION OF GLORIA ALLRED, I TEND NOT TO TUNE IN AS OFTEN! IS IT NOT YOUR INTENT TO MAKE A PROFIT FROM YOUR SHOW FOR FOX NEWS?

ANSWER: I know the success of our show is appreciated by our employer. FOX is No. 1 across the board and all my hardworking colleagues — in front of the camera and behind — are proud. They also work very hard!

I can tell you that the viewers appreciated our Peterson coverage — maybe not you — because I know the number of viewers who watched and I read their many e-mails. No one on our show gets "extra" money from any particular show. I have a set contract for a term of years with FOX — so no particular show or group of shows has any direct impact on my compensation package.

Our show covered Peterson because there was great interest and it makes sense for the anchor — me — who has taught law in a law school, practiced law (and tried murder cases) to take the lead on the topic. I can give you a perspective that perhaps others can not. I can also ask questions that perhaps another anchor might not think about. It would be rather silly, for instance, to assign a person schooled in weather take the lead in covering the story.

My "extra" education that I bring to this job should not be seen as a limitation, but as a vehicle to give you better coverage. Of course, you don't need to be a lawyer to cover cases. Cases, like all news topics, only require an anchor with curiosity and a willingness to study.


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