Going It Alone

Hope you had a great Christmas and/or "other fun family holiday" Holiday!

We made history Monday. Through a schedule malfunction, I became the first "FOX & Friends" host to go it alone. Yes, Kiran was not on the schedule, nor was Juliet. And with Steve in late, I got the ball. Had it not been for such serious and tragic news in Indonesia I would have had a lot of fun, but it was a nice change-up regardless.

The show felt different today all around. We have not gone from Jakarta to Ukraine (search) in all my years on "FOX & Friends," but that's where the big stories came from today! We are constantly impressed by the number of fans and the depth of their support, as they gather around our windows. It was so cold but yet dozens of FOX fans stayed all three hours. Wow! It was also good to talk a little entertainment with In Touch magazine's Tom O'Neill.

Now I have a few announcements: Since the book is doing so well — thanks to you — I will to a few more cities on a pseudo book tour: January 15 in Toledo and January 16 in Cleveland. We are looking at Texas on the 28th or 29th. Can you write me at kilmeade@foxnews.com with suggested Texas cities? I'd just like to know where are most fervent fan base is. Thanks! And for more information please visit briankilmeade.com

You won't want to miss Tuesday's show. Amongst our guests is Tom Barnett. He wrote "The Pentagon's New Map" and he has a fascinating look at where out military is and where it's going!

See ya then!


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