From the economy to iraq to politcs, What will 2005 bring? FNC Experts Give a Forecast

After the intense political, economic and military storms of 2004, FOX Fan Central asked our news hounds if 2005 will be more of the same, and what surprises 2005 may have in store.

Neil Cavuto
From taxes to interest rates to jobs, what can you expect 2005? Business news guru Neil Cavuto weighs in: "Barring a jolt, I see jobs picking up..."
Brian Wilson
From the brutal race for the white house to 9/11 reform, Brian Wilson wraps up the year in politics, and forecasts what's brewing ahead: "I predict that the most important story of 2005 will be..."
Col. Bill Cowan
Find out why military analyst Bill Cowan says: "In many respects, we should expect 2005 to be an equally difficult year in Iraq."

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