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Dear Viewers,

Apparently the interview I had with Gloria Allred the other night created a "stir" — thus I have video streamed it on www.gretawire.com today. People are amazed - and I confess I am , too - that the book is coming out so soon. The book hits the streets on January 4. Unless she is a speed writer, the book has been in production for a bit.

We take the show back to DC tonight. I have been on the road so much, that I look forward to my own set ...and my own bed. Yes, I hate the travel all the time but I have a great job and can't complain. People often think the job "glamorous" with all the travel but when we are on the road, we work around the clock. Because I am in a hurry to get packed and get to the airport, I am making this blog short today ..so here are some e mails from viewers (and yes, randomly selected with no intention to push a particular agenda):

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
I thought after listening to FoxNews all the way through the Scott Peterson trial that now an attorney would be appointed for appeal. So why in the world would Geragos want to ask for money from viewers. Isn't he out of the picture now, as far as the appeal is concerned??? Your panel....except for Janie.....seem to see that this is silly and right on target. with their comments.
By the way, Greta, your hair looks great 'lifted' up on the side, like you have it tonight.
Sharon Magers Ramirez

E-mail No. 2


Double standard back stabber. It's OK for Rocha to have a website to ask for DONATIONS but not to help a innocent person win his freedom? We all know there is more doubt here than if your husband is cheating on you. This whole case is full of doubt. People saw him in the boat and guess what? No Laci in the boat. Police says they believe Scott killed Laci using a mickey drink and then strangled her. Drove her around midnight to the marina dumped her off wrapped up and threw her into the bay and watched her go to sea and sink. Then the next day he drove out to where he had dumped the body to get a receipt to put him there at where he had dumped her to give himself a alibi on top of the bodies just in case they came up.

Yes,instead of going over to his parents or a friend house away from the dump site. Nobody except Greta, the Jury and a few dodo heads would be stupid enough to do that.

When you read ALL the evidence of www.Petersoninvestigation.com you will see how Scott is innocent.

Mike, Sonora,CA

E-mail No. 3

Geragos is now soliciting contributions to bring the "real killer" of Laci Peterson to justice and free poor, innocent Scott? LOLLLLLLL Sounds like he's been consulting with OJ's dream team. What an embarrassment to the law profession. I'm thinking Geragos might need a little more feathering of his financial nest before throwing in the towel on this bum. Lets see...Geragos defended Susan whatshername and she landed in the slammer, Geragos defended "Sticky Fingers Ryder" and she was pronounced guilty, and now Geragos is STILL defending convicted killer Scott Peterson and begging for money on his website. All I really want now is to hear Geoffrey Feiger's astute synopsis of the Peterson judgement and his take on Geragos' latest plea for money. Greta, can you get Feiger back or have you insulted him beyond repair with your constant attempts to defend Geragos? P.S. Janie Weintraub - is this woman for real? Has she signed up yet as pro bono defense attorney for this evil Montgomery woman who defiled and murdered Bobbie Jo Stennitt? Well why not? Weintraub apparently never met a criminal whose actions she couldn't excuse. Dump her (Weintraub) please. As for Amber Frey - hope she can now buy some birth control pills with the money she makes from her book. Two illegitimate kids! What a money grubbing slut this woman is. But Gloria A. Rocks!
Rhonda F.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta, Well needless to say, they got my money and a very sizable amount too. All my neighbors and friends are donating as well, to a cause we all think is just. Even the people I know that believe Peterson is guilty are donating, because they too believe he did not get a fair trial. Just take a look at the jury and really listen to them on the talk show circuit, these people convicted him on feelings, sympathy feelings and a hatred toward Peterson. We all know it could not have possibly been on the evidence introduced in court or this whole dam country would be behind bars. These jurors have never once mentioned what the premeditated evidence was for a capitol punishment. These jurors also have never mentioned once why they even found him guilty, other than he seemed to be guilty for one silly reason or another, that they surmised. I just want to see this guy get a fair trial and it would be nice if someone actually did look down some other avenues at some other suspects. We all know the cops are not going to, they never did and they never will. I hope all this blood money from this trial ruins all these greedy people's lives. Thanks for reading this, Ken Chicago

E-mail No. 5

In your interview on 12/20/04 she said that she had been thinking why Garagos didn"t deliver on his opening statments, but than said this fact didn't come up in the deliberations. I do not believe that. do you? If she was thinking so hard about the above why didn't she bring it up. Is it a coincidence that she mentions one of the points which many people brought up during the trial?

E-mail No. 6


Thanks for the information and website re: Mark Geragos's wanting contributions in helping find the real killer or killers of Laci and Conner.

I sent him 2 cents with a letter saying:

Enclosed is my contribution for you in helping finding the real killers of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner.

It's a total sum of 2 cents which is more than Scott's chances are worth where he is going.

Kenneth H. Dorr
Longview, WA

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