Dec. 15, 2004

Blame Bush!

There’s a new trope in blue states and countries: Blame Bush!

Even though nobody can prove the existence of global warming, and no nation can comply with the cockamamie Kyoto Protocol; and even though global warming enjoys the same scientific prestige as, say, UFO research, enviro-pagans cling to the faith that their cause is right, regardless of facts. Along the way, they have adopted their own version of Manichaeanism — but in their universe, the great Satan is George W. Bush.

It doesn’t end there. When the Oil-for-Blood Scandal cuts too close, blame Bush!

When the election doesn’t go your way, blame Bush!

Could any of this primal-scream hatred of the president be related to the fact that Republicans have become the nation’s dominant political party?

Church, State and all that

More idiocy from establishmentarians: First comes a tale of how Mike Gerson, chief speechwriter to the president, was grilled by reporters about the president’s use of religious references. The inquisition occurred at, of all places, a retreat about the topic of religion. Gerson handled the situation with aplomb, while reporters were left baffled: Doesn’t the president know that prim journalists take offense at the G-word?

Meanwhile, Jerry Falwell frets about the destruction of Christmas (not to worry, reverend; this sort of thing has been tried before – by smarter and tougher theophobes); while Illinois educators promoted Ramadan yet ignored Jesus’ birthday. What is it with educators these days??

Why the Anglican Church is dead: A cleric wants Canadian Supreme Court to Mandate Gay Marriage. This kind of thing has set off some deep thinking at C of E headquarters, where church elders have decided that the distinguishing characteristic of the Christian religion ought to be what Christ said, and not what polls well in Toronto. Read the C.S. Lewis-like reflections here.

BTW: What would the season of love be without a warning that Christianity is hate speech?

And the requisite expose, noting that schools are responsible for promoting such idiocy?

Either the schools, that is, or Hollywood, which helped elect George W. Bush by exalting Michael Moore.

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