On the Road Again

Day Three of my book tour is underway. Hours from my Alabama stop and so far I can overwhelmed with the response.

On Day One we stopped in Nashville and were shocked by carts full of pre-ordered books waiting to be signed and stunned to see the line right through the Barnes and Noble.

Of course at first I was taken aback when the nicest cop in the South pulled us over for speeding. Why don't they ever point out the good stuff? For example, we signaled before pulling over, used seat belts and didn't have any annoying ornaments hanging from the rear view mirror. But I digress.

The people of Nashville — along with the wonderful people at Barnes and Noble — could not have been nicer. The signing went over three hours — and at least 45 minutes past closing. I guess estimates had sales over 300 — which is exactly how many times I was asked why Steve and E.D. didn't come.

So there I was, 8 p.m. and staring straight ahead at a two-hour trip to Memphis. First stop: Ruby Tuesdays, where it took just 45 minutes for a salad to go. Thank goodness for ESPN and NFL highlights. Also refreshing to take in smell the toxic smell of nicotine — seems in the South the "no smoking in bars" law did not get much traction.

Once I hit Memphis it was off to do the talk show "Good Morning, Memphis" — the local FOX show. They are just great and typical FOX — a lot of fun. Nostalgic to go on the air without makeup, but who cares! For a change I felt like a true man, kinda like Hardy after a smelly night of poker.

After the TV spot, I hit the radio and "The Chris Vernon Show." He is a true talent and we spoke for an hour on the air. I believe that show helped us pack the Davis Kidd shop two hours later. Memphis was just great to me and loves FOX News — especially E.D. and Steve. We sold out and some enterprising supporters went to the local mall to by more and bring them over.

I was thrilled to get a surprise visitor: Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Not only did he say hi, he was overrun with autograph requests as he also took part in my book.

With little time to spare I was escorted to the airport where I flew to Birmingham, which is where I write to you now. Little problem with the hotel, but happy to be in the Embassy Suites where you can land a plane in my sitting area. I thought I was at the Winfrey Hotel and when I confirmed the reservation on the way, they had an interesting response: they said, "Yes, Mr. Kilmeade, you are set to stay here tonight". Then when I got there they said I was canceled and were sold out, which worked out great because I had already sent the car away. Two hours later they had this idea to use one of their three waiting cars to shuttle me over. But hey, I met some nice people at Shula's Steakhouse.

Tuesday, I was privileged to join the local FOX morning show and they are just great and let me just say, they have a much nicer studio then we have and their facility is more like mansion.

The next stop is the legendary "Rick and Bubba Show" which is also carried on Turner South. You know Ted loves to support anything FOX. These two hosts are rock stars in an around this region and just a blast to be around. Not only did we talk about the book, but also how much more they like — you guessed it — E.D. and Steve. They have had Col. North, Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity on and they like all of them better then me. But I like them and Neil still has a bigger head.

Finally, I scurried over to the "Matt Murphy Show" for a pre-taped one-on-one. We spoke about issues, sports, the book and of course how much better Steve and E.D. are then me. I felt right at home, almost like an internal FOX News management meeting. Just kidding. Matt was awesome and this guy is ready to emerge on the national scene.

Can't believe the time — gotta pack up for the signing and get ready to go to Atlanta tonight. For details on the rest of the trip go to BrianKilmeade.com.

Miss being on the show, but love meeting the people of the South.

By the way, the business center is right in the middle of the lobby and seven times people have asked me questions about the hotel. I don't mind answering, but carrying bags up the rooms without a tip commitment is where I say no!


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