God and Politics

From the dollar bill to the Declaration of Independence, the debate rages on over the separation of church and state. As Americans prepare to celebrate the Holiday Season, FNC looks at the ways religious symbols are disappearing from public life.

Giving Baby Jesus the Boot! Belly Dancers, Kung-Fu experts and even holy homosexuals. Everyone was invited to this Christmas parade...everyone but Christ! Why did this major city "X" out the Christ in Christmas?

Another Faith-Based Attack?

A Christian group for children is being sued for misusing your tax dollars to promote faith. Bill drives the debate.

"Take Back America" Gets Fiery! 3,000 people packed the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA for Hannity & Colmes' Take Back America. The crowd goes wild when FNC's Ollie North goes head-to-head with atheist Attorney Michael Newdow.

Banning Tiny Tim? Bah Humbug!

A Washington state high school principal bans “A Christmas Carol.” You will not believe why!


One school says no to Herald Angels singing this holiday season.

Godless in NJ?

Both sides of the aisle debate the chorus controversy.

Now, we want to know what YOU think — Should religion be banned from all public arenas?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Kudos to FOX News for resisting being politically correct and and not joining the re-writing of our American history. We were founded by people who believed in an almighty God which explains references to Him in our founding documents. It is also heartening to see FOX News bring real Christmas messages. I refer to the greeting with the Angel Gabriel and the shepherds. This was a 'good tiding' to me." — J. C. Kemp (Pavilion, NY)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely Christmas card that you’re running containing John 3:16. When it seems the rest of the explored universe is trying to erase Christ from Christmas, your bold and steadfast testimony is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work!" — Mark Riggio SMSgt, USAF (Ret)

"Thank you to Fox for your beautiful commercials this morning during Fox and Friends. How refreshing to see a Bible verse and to actually hear the words, 'Merry Christmas.' Too many people are afraid to state what this holiday season is all about. Thank you Fox for your reminder." — April (Kennesaw, GA)

"As a free country, a speaker should have the right to express his/her religious views in any public venue. Also, as long as the religious activity in the public arena is not a result of a law passed by Congress respecting the establishment of religion, it should be allowed. Of course, this would require an honest interpretation of the first Amendment and the overturning of late 20th century Supreme Court activist jurisprudence. On the south banks of Washington's Tidal Basin, Thomas Jefferson still speaks: 'Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?'" — Kent C. (Austin, TX)

"I think this is terrible, since 9/11 there has been so much taken away from the American people. Is everyone sure that there is no terrorism in our schools, trying to sabotage our religious beliefs? Why is Christianity being targeted in the schools? All religions have been celebrated in this U.S., why is this being changed? Fight for America don’t let terrorism take over from the the inside!" — Camille D.

"Congratulations to FOX News for running Bible verses and keeping Christ in Christmas. Let's have an all-out blitz Christmas week just to drive the Big Three nuts and show Hollywood that America is a Christian nation after all. Here in NC the kids are studying Kwaanza and every other alternative, but anything Christian is not politically correct." — Gene Ostermann

"The truth of the matter is that the only religion under attack is Christianity. Teaching Islam seems to be acceptable to those who cry foul about the mention of religion. This means that either they don’t view Islam as a religion or they are religious bigots. I fear it is the latter." — Yancy F. (Dayton, OH)

"The folks, who want to take God out of their parades or other celebrations, should feel free to do so, but not during America’s traditional Christmas or Easter seasons. They should have their agnostic parades and celebrations during some other month like January or February, and leave our religious traditions alone. — Bob H. (Wallis, Texas)

"How can you ban religion from a religious holiday? This is the celebration of the birth of Christianity not Walmart!" — Anonymous (Easton,PA )

"A small minority has been stripping us of our religious freedoms since Madeline Murray O'Hare walked into the Supreme Court and stopped prayer in the schools. One person, and this country has been going down hill ever since. Wake up America." — Sharon (Chatsworth, GA)

"No, religion should never be banned from public arenas--it should be encouraged and welcomed. It doesn't offend me if Muslims want to glorify Allah in public nor does it bother me if Buddhists want to praise Buddha on street corners. It shouldn't offend others if Christians want to glorify Jesus Christ in public places. I served with the U.S. Armed Forces over in Iraq and Kuwait this time last year. The Muslim call to prayers over loudspeakers occurred five times daily. I wasn't the least bit offended in that. What surprises me on this topic is how quickly the events from 9/11 seem to be fading away from the general public's memory. At midday on 9/11, a local radio station in my hometown implored all of its listeners to pray for America, something that the deejay said he never thought he would ever be asking the general public while on the air. Now it seems that we've all but forgotten." — William Y. Porter

"I am so proud of FOX News for taking a stand on religion. I am a HUGE fan. It's the only channel I have on everyday. I have noticed the New Testament verses concerning the birth of Jesus Christ and other religious themes on TV, and note that no other channel has the GUTS to take a stand like FOX. I also saw Hannity & Colmes' debate in California last evening. Go Sean! Finally, since the election, people have decided to speak out again these special interest groups who are trying to take God out of everything. Thank you, Fox News, for being there for the majority." — Barbara W. (Montpelier, VA)

"Today, most employees are required to attend some sort of diversity training. The purpose of this training is to teach tolerance. We Christians are to be tolerant of those things that we don't agree with, i.e. abortion, gay lifestyles, etc. We are not allowed to speak out against anything that goes against our belief system. If we dare to, we are labeled as religious nuts, holy-rollers, and intolerant. As Christains, our duty is to love everyone and to pray for people that we feel need Christ. We have sat quietly by while Madeline Murray O'Hare removed prayer from our schools. We sat quietly by when the Ten Commandments statue was removed from the steps of the courthouse. It's time that we utilize our right to speak out. Everyone else does! Last time I looked, we Christians were protected by the same Constitution that protected Ms. O'Hare." — Sally J.L. (Southgate, MI)