Expert Forum:Christian Evangelicals — New Political Force?

FOX Fan Central continues its expert forum on Christianity and politics. In our last installment, the majority of contributors heralded the growing political power of Christian evangelicals. Here the tables are turned, with skepticism about "value voters" and concerns over a divisive social agenda. Please note that invitations to several chapters of the ACLU to participate in this forum were not accepted.

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy
"The federal a moral document exhibiting how we rank our moral priorities as a nation."

Rev. Barry W. Lynn
"We can spend four years dealing with pressing issues, like healthcare, the economy and the deficit, or we can follow Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on a new crusade."

David C. Gibbs III
"If the rights of Americans do not continue to be based upon America's original religious foundation, any rights we retain will become increasingly dependent upon the beneficence of the state."

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