Expert Forum:Christian Evangelicals — New Political Force?

The political world is buzzing with talk about Christian Evangelicals — their role in President Bush's re-election, the extent of their power, and what's their political agenda for the next four more years. FOX Fan Central went right to the source for answers.

Pat Robertson
"Evangelicals comprise the core base of the Republican Party. The 2004 election will not make them more or less active, or effective than they have been in the past."
Rev. Peter Laarman
"No one should imagine that the Republican Party will enjoy a permanent hammerlock on moral issues."
Dr. James Dobson
"Some of us saw this coming, and thus, it has not been a surprise that more traditional-minded citizens...have finally risen up en masse to say 'enough is enough!'"
Dr. Wayne Grudem
"Evangelicals strongly support freedom of religion...But we are thankful that the United States still allows people who take moral guidance from the Bible to have a voice in the political process."

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