Dec. 13, 2004

The Bernie Kerik Story

Talk about peeling the onion: The Bernie Kerik story continues to astonish and amaze, providing layer after layer after layer of intrigue.

First came the nanny problem. Kerik and his family had in their employ until just after Thanksgiving, a Mexican nanny, (1) for whom they had paid no taxes or social security and (2) who apparently was here illegally.

That, it turns out, was just the appetizer. Then came stories about improper gifts from contributors, who received city contracts (in return for...?) and kindly employed Kerik’s brother.

And stories that some of those companies were suspected of having mob ties.

And questions about other business dealings, including a board membership on a pennystock company that went boom, then bust...

Not to mention the Taser investment.

Or the Saudi contract.

Or the mind-boggling act of juggling two mistresses and a wife simultaneously! (How would you like this guy’s bill for flowers?!)

In fact, I’m wondering how after having three women, all strong of will, doing battle first against each other, but eventually against a common enemy, he resisted the impulse to stay in Iraq, training police.

The entire tale boggles; how he failed to realize that he would be chum in the water for Washington’s sharks; how the White House fell asleep at the switch, at a time when a case involving a former mistress is in the deposition stages! And how his top promoter, Rudy Giuliani, got blind-sided.

Whatever the case, the above stories explain why insiders weren’t terribly surprised when the whole thing went kablooey, including New York columnists who, as I do, like Bernie Kerik a lot.

It also explains why Giuliani, prostrated himself before the president, apologizing and begging forgiveness.

Here’s my bet for the Homeland Security Chief: Joe Allbaugh, (who tells me he doesn’t want the job).

Enviro-sadism exposed!

The Kyoto Treaty is dead. You heard it here first. The reason: The science is pathetically bogus. Here’s the latest from the indispensable Bjorn Lomborg.

And this recent speech from the always-interesting Michael Crichton courtesy of my friends at the Political Economy Research Center.

And did you know that environmentalists are responsible for a bedbug outbreak? I am not making this up.

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