Show Ranks TV's 100 Most Memorable Moments

Yes, it's another list show. But this isn't just a collection of, say, the funniest "I Love Lucy," "Cheers," or "Seinfeld" moments — nor is it the best moments of scripted TV dramas (although that is all there as well.)

"TV Guide and TV Land Present: 100 Most Memorable TV Moments of All Time," (search) which airs Monday at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land, is an exhaustive collection of the moments of our lives, our parents' lives and our kids' lives for the past 50 years.

The editors of "TV Guide" (search) and producers at TV Land (search) have come up with clips of the most dramatic live news events (Where do you think the shooting of Oswald falls into the top 100?), to the most incredible Olympic moments (Remember the exhilaration of Nadia's 10, and the horror of the slaughtering of the Israeli athletes?), to TV character farewells (Who can forget Rosalind falling down the elevator shaft during a normal conversation in "L.A. Law"?), to the top reality show moments.

And unlike in most list shows, you won't find the usual suspect talking heads — with the exception of Kathy Griffin, Sandra Bernhard and the guy from "The Last Comic Standing."

Over-exposed comics aside, "TV Guide and TV Land Present: 100 Most Memorable TV Moments of All Time" has Mike Wallace talking about his interview with the Ayatollah, astronaut Buzz Aldrin talking about first moon landing, Anderson Cooper talking about current events, Jessica Walter talking about sitcom moments, plus literally scores of other newsmakers, news reporters and actors you just don't see on every show everyday.