Stars Reveal Their Favorite Freebie Gifts

Every Day is Christmas when you're a big star, with all that free gear all the time. Here, celebs reveal the best graft they've ever gotten:

Bernie Mac: plasma TV

I couldn't believe it. The TV itself didn't come in the goody bag. It was a certificate along with a number to call for delivery. Often, I never bother with free stuff, but this was one offer I wasn't about to pass up.

Susan Sarandon: surfboard

We never really surfed before we got it. Since then, my husband (Tim Robbins) and our kids have had more fun with that thing than I could have possibly imagined.

Richard Gere: digital camera

A top-of-the-line model. I love taking pictures of my kids. I used to use an old-style camera with 35mm film and I was never really comfortable with the digital era until they sent me the free one. Now I love it.

Matthew Broderick: mini iPod

Since my wife's (Sarah Jessica Parker) success on "Sex and the City," she gets all kinds of free things. Recently, she got one of those mini iPods and I took it from her. It's pink, which is not exactly the color I'd choose, but I still really enjoy it.

Sarah Jessica Parker: free spa day

I was given a day of beauty at a first-class spa where I was pampered with a great manicure, pedicure, facial. The works! It was so relaxing and so much fun.

Omar Epps: Dominican Republic vacation

I received an all-expense-paid trip to the Dominican Republic at a five-star hotel. Everything was included, including the airfare. But here's the sad part: I couldn't go because I was shooting a movie and I couldn't give it away because it was non-transferable.

Sienna Miller: Chloe handbag

A beautiful, tasteful pocketbook that goes with just about anything I wear. It was a really cool freebie.

Jimmy Fallon: an exercise bike

I was real excited when I got this free thing. I felt it would give me a great excuse to exercise. Now, months later, it would be really nice if I actually used it to get in shape. Instead, I just use the handlebars, which make a great coat rack.

Jennifer Lopez: mini iPod

As you know, I love music. I can't believe how small and light the iPod is and how much music it holds. I use it all the time. I rarely leave home without it. It's a great invention and was a great gift.

Jane Krakowski: laser eye surgery

Is that the craziest free gift you can imagine? I never used it, don't need to, but I'm holding on to it. One day, it might be very helpful. You just never know.

Nia Long: Hawaii vacation

Never went there before I got the free trip. The place was amazing, the hotel was great and the whole experience was made even better because I wasn't paying for it.

Kim Cattrall: TiVo

We did an episode of "Sex and the City" that revolved around Miranda using a Tivo. So they sent all the cast members free TiVo machines along with free lifetime subscriptions. A great device for watching TV.