Topics and Guests for December 2

Dec. 2:

Once they've decided someone's guilty, do jurors even pay attention to character witnesses?
Geoffrey Nathan, criminal defense attorney
Robert Ernenwein, former L.A. deputy D.A.

A possible break in the case of Wichita's BTK serial killer
Robert Beattie, Wichita attorney

President Bush has a long list of goals for his second term
Rick Davis, John McCain's former campaign manager
David Pollak, Democratic strategist

Police release taped phone calls between a suspended middle school teacher and the 14-year-old she's accused of raping
Stacy Honowitz, Florida sex crimes prosecutor

More U.S. troops will be heading to Iraq ahead of the January elections
Rob Holmes, former Gulf War platoon leader

Is a recent agreement with Iran over their nuclear program already obsolete?
Ken Adelman, former U.N. ambassador

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