Topics for Saturday, November 27

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We've been asking a lot of questions this year... Now it's your turn... Our panel answers your questions about the media. Here are just some of the questions you've been asking:

• Why is there a disconnect between the media and the "red states?"

• Are reporters out of touch with the people they cover?

• What do cops think of reporters?

• What's the difference between a liberal journalist and a conservative one?

• In the weeks since the 2004 presidential election has the media learned its lesson?

Plus, what really happens behind-the-scenes when the cameras aren't rolling?!

Join us for all the answers when we "cover the coverage" this weekend!

About the Show:

Join host Eric Burns and our "FOX News Watch" panelists this weekend as we "cover the coverage:"

Jim Pinkerton of Newsday

Jane Hall of American University

Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist and host of "After Hours" on FNC!

Neal Gabler, media writer and author

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