Fighting the Elements

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Dear Viewers,

First, as you all know, I have a very easy job...and I am not complaining but merely telling you what goes on behind the scenes. Last night's show was done outdoors in Redwood City. It was so cold that by the end of the show I was not sure I had hands or feet. I was happy my teeth did not chatter since it would have sounded like a drum roll in the mike on my lapel and you at home would have wondered what that noise was. The crew on the site did a masterful job of fighting the elements — we had three heaters blowing on us (check the pics today) and I was wrapped in an electric blanket. I teased Bob Massi who was on for two segments, and at the break said, 'it's not so cold.'. I said, “you are here for nine minutes...I am here for 90 plus.” (I have to be on the set before the show starts to make sure audio works, to do pre show promos etc.). But as noted at the start of this blog — I am not complaining ...just reporting. I am well aware that others work much harder under much tougher conditions at far less pay — eg firefighters, police, nurses, parents etc. Plus no one is forcing me to do the show outside in Redwood City — I choose to do it.

UPDATE: Courtroom was filled at 9 a.m. with the public, both families and with the media....but no judge, no lawyers, no jury and no defendant. Everyone is behind closed doors talking about what we believe may be a juror misconduct issue.

After about an hour, all the people in the courtroom made a mad dash for a second courtroom. The 'rumor' that provoked the exodus was that there would be a hearing in the presiding judge's courtroom.

Upon our arrival in the courtroom, we spotted a defense attorney not associated with this case with a man we later learned to be a bartender. The two of them were summoned into the judge's chambers and yes, still no sign of the Peterson judge, the lawyers or prosecutors.

We assume the bartender and his lawyer are back in chambers answering questions before the Peterson judge. What questions? We don't know for sure but a reasonable assumption is about juror misconduct.

Did a juror say something to him? Did he say something? Is it serious? Could it mean the guilt verdict must be vacated and there be a second trial?

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