Topics and Guests for November 30

Nov. 30:

What will it take to finally stamp out terrorist elements in Iraq?
• Retired Army Lt. Col. Frederick Chiaventone

Will President Bush visit to Canada help smooth over tensions between our two countries?
Rondi Adamson, freelance journalist

What political effect will all the new cabinet faces have on President Bush's second term?
Mary Anne Marsh, Democratic Strategist
Kellyanne Conway, Republican Pollster

Jurors in the Scott Peterson trial could be creating problems again
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

What is the aim of the sabotage that's taking place against Iraq's oil industry?
Keith Crane, economist for the Rand Corporation

Prosecutors are planning to charge some NBA players with assault for fighting with fans in Detroit. Fair or foul?
David Cornwell, sports attorney

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