On to Ramadi

Nov. 26, 2004 5:23 a.m.

Today we leave for Ramadi to join the First Marine Division.

There are a lot of choices once you get to Baghdad. You can stay in the hotel and never go out. I've done that before. I've gone three weeks without stepping outside the hotel. I thought it was the smart thing to do at the time. I remember how the sun felt when I got out.

It's always tricky to pick where to go. Sometimes you get a heads up about an operation. We heard about Operation Plymouth Rock last week, but our team arrived in Baghdad after it already started. Also, it sounded like a lot of small, precision operations, tough to capture on camera. I don't know if anything will happen in Ramadi. It's a big city near Fallujah that still is largely a no-go area for U.S. and Iraqi government forces. I expect something will have to be done there if they want to hold elections as planned on January 30. At the very least it will be a good opportunity to see the Marines at work and hear what they are saying. They say some very strong things. During the fighting in Karbala a print guy named Ed Wong kept a log of quotations that the soldiers were saying. They didn't fit into any of the stories. I thought he should write a story of just quotations, what the guys who were on the front were saying — things like, "Haji keeps coming."

There was a rumble in the distance just now, then the full sound of an explosion. There are a lot of them in Baghdad every day. Frank said now you just roll over in bed when you hear one and say the hell with it.

E-mail Steve

Hey Steve,

My son also is with 2/5 Weapons, Whiskey 03. Looks like you're going to have to pay them a visit. Ramadi is a very dangerous place. Weapons alone has lost its C.O. and several good young Marines. Tell Whiskey 3 and my son if you see him to stay safe. You too friend...

— Bob

Dear Steve,

Thank you for reporting from Ramadi. My son LPCL Green is with the 2/5 Weapons Whiskey 3 Company. If you happen to run into him please tell him his family misses him and loves him very much.

Thank you from a grateful mom.



My grandson, Chris, is with Echo Company, Weapons Plt., his second tour in Iraq. We haven't heard from him in some time. If you come across the group, give him a "high five" and blessings from Papa Charlie & Grandma. Doing a great job !!

— Charlie

Hey Steve!

Good Luck & Stay Safe.... while you're there say "Hi" to the members of the Army's 2ID 2nd Brigade Combat Team who were pulled out of South Korea and attached to the Marines in the Ramadi area. Some of these soldiers, including my husband, had already spent several months to a year or MORE away from their families before getting orders to serve an additional year in Iraq.

I know you are hoping to find a hot news story, but my prayers will be that the situation there becomes more peaceful warranting only a passing mention.

— Suzanne (Killeen, TX)


So glad to hear news about Ramadi , my son is in there, it seems like we never hear about these men and women and the dangers that they face everyday. Stay safe and stay strong Steve, your reporting is a blessing, giving us real information as to what's going on.

— Donna

Mr. Harrigan,

I saw your report from Ramadi a few minutes ago. Thank you very much for mentioning 2/5. It seems like weeks since I have heard any news from this Battalion. I have a nephew in Weapons Company. Please make sure all of our troops know how much we appreciate them and please be safe, we need your reports.

— Roger 1st Sgt(Ret)USA

Dear Steve -

I just saw your latest video from Iraq - very powerful stuff. I have learned alot from your blog and from your reports on Eurabia- it's a very scary world.

— Heather

Hi Steve,

I want you to know that someone like me really, personally appreciates all your hard work and personal sacrifice. I'm lucky that you are a journalist in my time.

— Nancy

Do you need anything from the good U.S.A - like more fly paper? I will be happy to send you whatever you need.

Again, thank you and stay safe.

— Bonnie


I just stumbled on your blog. It is great. I have been following your reporting since you were not far from Bagram airbase with the Northern Alliance. I got up very early every morning to catch your live video during this conflict. I am amazed at the tenacity and forthrightness of your reporting. In fact, you are one of the few reporters that I have absolute confidence in.

Bill (Destrehan, LA)

PS - I am praying for you and the troops in Iraq.

Hi, Steve.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving, It must have been hard for you to be away from your family snd my heart goes out to you. Second of all, great blog as usual, the thing I like most about all of your blogs is how you let us know how things really are in Iraq and elsewhere, it almost makes me feel like I am there with you and experiencing things with you, what a wonderful job you do with the blogs especially considering the circumstances, bravo to you and continue to keep us informed and continue to keep up the good work! Stay safe and take care.

— Dana (Wayne, NJ)


I am a former US Marine Corporal from 1986 to 1990. I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you and all that you do to bring us the news from the front lines.

Your sacrifice is no less than that of the Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who are fighting the war. You too face similar dangers and time away from home.

Keep up the great job and “Fair and Balanced” reporting.

— Kent (Irving, TX)


I just found your blog. I sat here and read every entry. I am touched beyond belief. In fact, I am really unable to put into words the way I feel now, but I want to say thank you and God bless you and you are in our prayers.

— Cenith ( Little River, SC)

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.