“Enough Is Enough” -- Value Voters Voiced Their Concerns at the Polls

Harry Langdon
In the days since the 2004 election was decided, the mainstream media have been abuzz with stories about the “value voters” who played such a significant and decisive role in carrying George W. Bush to a second term in the White House. Many reporters have been surprised, and even downright annoyed at the realization that issues of morality and decency really do have relevance at the voting booth.

But this victory for traditional values and moral principles was not produced only by what the media derisively call the “religious right.” It also represents the views of Catholics, mainline Christians, and indeed, millions of people nationwide who have grown increasingly concerned about the moral free fall our country is experiencing.

These citizens are particularly concerned about the attack on traditional marriage that has been carried out by the liberal establishment and the courts. The far Left has become increasingly shrill and desperate in its efforts to impose its ridiculous and misguided notions on society. This agenda includes not only the redefinition of the family, but also the teaching of homosexual propaganda to kindergartners (as has occurred in California), the destruction of human embryos for stem cell research, and the rampant proliferation of Internet pornography, gambling, and a host of other destructive vices. Also of concern is the filth and wickedness evidenced in the entertainment industry (and symbolized by Michael Moore).

Some of us saw this coming, and thus, it has not been a surprise that more traditional-minded citizens — who truly represent the heart and soul of America — have finally risen up en masse to say, “enough is enough!” I believe that these “value voters” went to the polls just in the nick of time. In so doing, they may have saved this nation and future generations from the excesses of postmodern societal chaos.

James C. Dobson, Ph.D., is founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization that produces his internationally syndicated radio programs heard on nearly 4,000 radio facilities in North America and in twenty languages on approximately 3,300 additional facilities in over 116 other countries. His commentaries are heard by more than 200 million people by way of radio every day.