Wartime Precaution

Nov. 24, 2004 8:21 p.m.

They flipped the lounge chairs over at the pool. The season must be over.

I try to make it out to the pool every day to get some sun. It's cool now and windy. I pick a spot where there is no direct line to the road out front, so someone cannot shoot me from there. This is most likely a needless precaution but I take a lot of needless precautions.

In the summer I'd go out with Ahmed and Frank and we'd stick our legs in the water. I never swam because anyone who swam usually got stomach trouble or an itch and could never make the connection. That's the same reason I eat canned tuna, cereal and smoothies instead of what the chef makes. Another precaution, most likely needless.

Ahmed and Frank are gone so now I go by myself. There are often sounds of trucks or humvees going by, of endless construction on the hotel, or low-flying helicopters which drown out everything. A war is loud, even when there is no fighting.

Inside the hotel there is an endless loop of "muzak" from the lobby which has some static as well, one song about the lonely that looped for the whole day. But for a few moments outside on a brilliant blue Sunday morning there was nothing, just one bird in a bush below the wall outside the pool, singing. It stopped me.

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